Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

Recently, the popularity of yellow has begun to grow with the interior design in the house. Designers like to use one of the basic elements of the color palette, since it is easily combined with other colors and is warm in its essence. Yellow color in the interior has a lot of different shades, which allows you to harmoniously choose it to any decor. However, the owner should remember that in itself the color is quite capricious, and it must be carefully dosed. There are certain rules for its use, which should be observed in order not to get the opposite effect from our plans. Next, we present the main advantages and disadvantages of yellow decor, options for its harmonious combination with other colors, as well as recommendations for use in specific rooms.

general characteristics

Its effect on the human eye can be called pleasant, as there is a direct association with the sun.Virtually any cold surface becomes warmer if the presence of yellow is foreseen. Due to the gradation, its shades are used everywhere: they are gold, lemon, sand, beige and even woody tones. In its pure form - this is the brightest element of the color spectrum, which can be a little bit more than if it is not diluted with other colors. Too saturated with yellow interior will cause hidden irritation. Therefore, you should learn some secrets of combining shades to temper the intensity of bright color. Only in this case, he will be able to show their bright side, to detect positive properties.

The combination of gray and yellow in the interior

The desired gradient shade should be selected based on the purpose of the room itself, as well as the quality of lighting in it. Yellow can be both warm and cooler tones. If bright samples are allowed for the kitchen or nursery, then the bedroom should already use a quieter shade. The classic interior assumes the harmony of yellow with a white color: a similar combination can be safely attributed to win-win options.Sometimes, to create an ideal interior, only a slight yellow blotch is enough. These can be various accessories or accents in the finish. The elements of textiles and furniture sets of the corresponding color also allow achieving harmony.

Yellow interior with tree

Advantages and disadvantages

Any designer will say that it should be used carefully. You should not use yellow in large quantities or on a wide surface, because an overly active color can suppress and depress a person’s mood. To avoid the opposite effect, it must be carefully dosed. Only then will it turn out to reveal its advantages, which include the following:

  • Yellow invigorates and carries a charge of optimism;
  • Promotes the development of positive emotions, directly affects the mood;
  • It also revealed its beneficial effect on human immunity;
  • In moderation contributes to the awakening of power and the disclosure of mental abilities;
  • It brings freshness to the interior of the room, heat and enhances the lighting;
  • Visually expands the space of the room.

Bright yellow wall uplifting

If you overdo it with the use of yellow color, then all its secret flaws will quickly appear. These hidden pitfalls include the following points:

  • Excessive use of yellow in the room, the windows of which are facing south can lead to an increase in temperature. Being in such a situation is akin to traveling through the arid desert sands;
  • Revealed the negative impact of solar shades on the state of the human psyche, which is far from equilibrium;
  • Pure color without any impurities can easily cause irritation, intensify headache.

Light yellow color in the living room

In the living room

To comfortably equip the living room, you must choose the correct dosage of yellow. Only when certain rules are followed will it be possible to create a warm atmosphere where family and friendly gatherings will become a pleasant tradition. For example, do not use a sunny color when making the ceiling or floor. These surfaces can be decorated with various shades of yellow: the ceiling with a pale ivory tone, and the flooring with woody motifs. Otherwise, there is a high probability of a glut in the cozy living room with an annoying finish, which simply will not allow you to relax properly.Even a book to read or watch a TV program will be easy to calm.

Sunny yellow living room

It is recommended to use yellow color in the design of the living room for various accessories or furniture. For example, the latter will look good when combined with green and yellow. This combination is able to deliver sensual pleasure with one of its own views. Comfort can be achieved through the use of pale yellow tones that bring a style of elegant solidity. Or any other muted tones of finish, unless you overdo it. For example, you can make bright only one of the walls of the room.

Hall with yellow walls


For a bedroom, this color is not considered optimal because it does not contribute to quick relaxation. Sleep instantly fail. Its use is possible only with the correct selection of shades. Allowed yellow set of bed linen, restrained decoration of decorative pillows.

Bedroom with yellow walls

Very important. Subject to minimal use, yellow in the bedroom is able to give freshness in the morning, ease of waking up.

Yellow color in the interior of the bedroom

To achieve this effect, pastel colors with a necessary contrast to the decor of a furniture set are welcome. Bright colors can only be used by innate optimists.And that, with obligatory softening circumstances, for example, accessories of chocolate shades. Popular are light apricot tones with golden birch.

Yellow walls and pink ceiling


The purpose of this room involves the preservation of clear thinking for a long time. Therefore, if you use yellow in this room, it is beyond the scope of human vision. For example, behind the owner when he is sitting at his desk. Otherwise, the color will distract him from mental activity, will not allow to concentrate properly. Options for using yellow in the office can be the following: lemon-tinted sliding window curtains, saffron-colored furniture, pale yellow ceramic accessories (vases, cups), etc. Dosed use of such elements will allow them to be used during the rest for a surge of vitality. Short-term contemplation of cheerful colors returns activity to the brain.

Bedroom with office


Sunny shades are almost the best choice for a child's room. They allow children to remain energetic, inquisitive and cheerful.Psychologists strongly recommend harmoniously using the yellow color in the nursery to promote the development of intuition and the strengthening of the nervous system.

Bright yellow children with red decorations

If a child has a nervous system disorder or increased irritability, then with the use of yellow it is worth being extremely careful. Perhaps it should be completely abandoned.

The ability of yellow to initiate mental activity is an important factor in the learning process of schoolchildren. For the development of an individual personality, combining yellow tones with light green hues is welcomed. If it so happens that the children's room is located on the north side of the house, then a warm gamut of color is allowed: a ripe pear, peach, and citrus blotches can be included here. It is possible to complement the warm interior with the help of chocolate accessories, red and claret decor elements. Textiles or soft toys may well play this role.

The combination of yellow and purple in the nursery


One of the most suitable premises for the use of yellow. Its sunny reflection of light favorably emphasizes a variety of dishes, creates a warm comfort in the kitchen.

Known stimulating effect of color on human digestion.

Kitchen with yellow facades and black table

As the main finish is recommended to use quite delicate shades. The bright ones are possible only as additional elements: upholstery of the kitchen set, curtain, flower decoration of the vase. The tangerine shade seems to be the most compromising and beneficial, which can calmly affect human vision for a long time. This can also be attributed to peach and apricot tones, with its softness relaxing owner.


The danger of the use of yellow in the bathroom due to the closure of this space. A glut may make you dizzy and nauseous. Moderate use of decorative accessories of solar colors will allow you to cheer up, to cheer up after waking up. It can also add extra heat, which is so necessary for a wet room.

Yellow white bathroom

Combination with other colors

Here we consider which combinations are most comfortable for perception.

Combination with black and white. The simultaneous combination of these neutral colors with yellow allows you to create an excellent balance of color palette.Calm, cold tones are ways to give chic to a given space, since aristocracy is their integral part. Designers love to use the achromatic base, so even a slight interspersion of radiant yellow instantly transforms the discreet interior of the room. His presence will be all the more relevant if the room needs additional lighting. The dull atmosphere is easily invigorated by the pleasant yellow component.

The combination of black and yellow

White and yellow color in the interior

Combination with various gradients of gray, and also color of a tree. The light brown natural shades of certain tree species perfectly harmonize with yellow. However, they are recommended to be diluted with some kind of graphic accent, which can be any shade of gray.

Yellow and metal color

Gray headboard and yellow room

Combination with metal. The use of copper, bronze or gold hues looks pretty good in combination with yellow. The latter may imply the decoration of the walls in calm tones of apricot or peach, which look soft and simple.

Combination with dark colors. It means harmonious balance of light shades of yellow with deep contrast of a different color, be it blue, burgundy or emerald.This allows you to soften, relax the atmosphere.

Contrast of blue and yellow

Combination with purple, dark blue. It is easy to see that these colors are opposed to each other on the color wheel. Their interaction expresses a bright contrast, emphasizes the individuality of the owner. The combination of yellow and dark blue is also quite popular, since the first association will be Rothko's noble paintings. It is desirable to balance a similar range of neutral shades.

Blue and yellow color combinedBlue and yellow color combined

Combination with bright colors. If you have the courage and set aside time for color experiments, it is quite possible to get a stunning design effect. The yellow color of the room will be incredibly interesting to look in combination with red, blue and green. The colors of the famous browser are able to instantly cheer up and charge a positive attitude.

Yellow and red chairs

Red sofa in the yellow living room

Combination with warm shades. Special harmony is observed with the successful combination of natural tones with yellow. These include olive, peat, brick, honey shades of Mother Earth’s natural materials. This combination is especially important in a cold room facing north.

The combination of yellow and pink

A bold combination with warm and cold hues at the same time.The self-sufficiency of each of the participating colors of this combination will contribute to the diversity and expansion of the visual space of the room. A bold style requires a certain moderation of the selected shades, since it will be completed only with a uniform distribution of all components. To this end, an achromatic gamma is actively used, which maintains the necessary balance and balance of diverse shades.

Blue sofa against the background of the yellow wall

Designer Secrets

Finally, we present some recommendations of experienced specialists that they use in their work:

  • For the sensation of novelty, it is enough to complement the interior decor with bright yellow accents of details (for example, a pot with decorative flowers);
  • Together with white, yellow color allows you to visually enlarge the space of a small room;
  • The yellow curtains in the dark room create the illusion of sunlight;
  • Using a furniture set of this color allows you to bring warmth to a cold room.

Dining room in yellow


In skillful hands, yellow becomes an excellent tool for decorating the interior of a house.Its moderate use and combination with other colors can significantly improve the perception of any room. The warm, cheerful atmosphere will look especially good in the kitchen and in the children's room.

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  • Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

    Yellow - 30 photos of examples in the interior

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