Why is the language white

Why is the language white?

Earlier, when medicine did not have modernresearch methods, many diseases were diagnosed by the appearance of a person, by his eyes, skin, secretions and language. And now the examination of the mouth in general, and language in particular is an important stage of medical examination of a person, especially a gastroenterologist.

If you once noticed a white raid on yourselflanguage, then you have something wrong with your health. Pink tongue with a small number of protruding papillae without any kind of plaque indicates a normal state of human health. True, it is almost impossible to meet such a language, as many doctors say.

Why is the language white? Consider the types of white plaque in the language and the place where it, that is, this plaque, is located.

Plaque on the middle part of the tongue

When the white coating covers the middle part of the tongue,this indicates the presence of gastrointestinal diseases. More often these are the initial stages of gastritis, which are not yet manifesting or are extremely rare in the form of mild pain in the epigastric region. In this case, it is worth trying to follow a diet, and if the pains recur, it is better to see a doctor.

Plaque on the front of the tongue

Concentration of the raid along the edges of the tongue, and most importantly,on the front of it, speaks of problems with the respiratory system, indicates bronchitis or pneumonia. In this case, it is better to pay more attention to your lungs, consult a therapist, stop smoking or think about changing work with harmful working conditions.

Plaque on the back of the tongue

The appearance of a plaque on the back symbolizes kidney disease, do not take medication prescribed by a doctor, but rather give blood for analysis.

Plaque on the entire surface of the tongue

Such a raid means that you have problems with yourselflanguage. Most likely, you have a certain disease of the oral cavity, such as candidiasis, which has a fungal origin. Or maybe that as a result of a long reception of antibiotics, you started dysbiosis, which is why the child has a white tongue after treatment of acute respiratory infections. Such language will certainly attract the attention of the pediatrician on the next examination before discharge, and the necessary treatment will be prescribed.

Estimate the state of the language

Why the plaque is white in the language and in places redspots? If such a language you saw with your child, then you immediately need to rush to the doctor, since such language is a sign of scarlet fever, and this is a very contagious infectious disease.

White coating with a hint of yellow color signals about cholecystitis, gallstones or even hepatitis.

If the white coating on your tongue gets a bluish tint, besides, you are concerned about a frequent stool, then most likely, you have dysentery.

If the tongue is over-dried, white and coveredcracks, then you have acute dehydration of the body, which is treated in a hospital. Naturally, this state of the language is preceded by prolonged vomiting or diarrhea plus high fever. Call an ambulance immediately.

In general, for his body as a whole and language inparticular need to follow. Cleaning your teeth in the morning, do not forget about cleaning your tongue, for a night on it accumulates a huge number of bacteria. Do not hurt also rinsing your mouth after eating. Pay attention to the language of your child, to his condition and color, which are sometimes the only signal of a beginning illness. Do not ignore these signals. Address to doctors and do not self-medicate.

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