What kind of work is possible on your machine

What kind of work is possible on your machine?

In an effort to save money, many companiestry to reduce the cost of acquiring a car fleet and attract car owners with their own transport to work. Thus, the machine can be considered an instrument for profit. If earlier this method of earning was considered semi-legal, and on the roads the so-called "bombers" competed with the official taxi service, now work on their own car can become quite an official and acceptable way of employment. At the same time, different options for earning have their pros and cons, and each driver can choose the working conditions that suit him.

work on one's own machine

Personal car as a business asset

For a short-sighted car owner, the car issolid costs, but if you look at such property from a different angle, then the car becomes a means of earning. Any tangible property is divided into assets, that is, that is capable of making a profit, and liabilities - carrying only expenses. Thus, work on his car translates the car into the category of business assets.

There are two basic categories of work onown car - it's own business and hired labor. In the first case, the cost of maintenance and fuel for the car is a private matter of the car owner, but the second option is desirable to be selected in such a way that the employer takes these costs on himself and pays for depreciation.

work on my own car


The very first thought that attendscar owner, looking for a way to earn, this is private transportation. To work illegally is not the most reasonable idea, and it's not even a matter of responsibility before the law, but in elementary risk. The so-called "bombs" really more taxi drivers risk putting in the car the unreliable citizens, counting to profit from other people's proceeds.

It is easier and somewhat safer to have an official job intaxi on your car. First and foremost, the taxi service provides dispatcher communication. This is a simplified communication with customers, while the controller in the course, where did you get the passengers and what address are you going to. Some taxi services pay expenses, but to what extent - depends on the loyalty and integrity of the employer. Employment in a taxi assumes a good knowledge of the city, but with the advent of navigators this is a less important aspect.

Work as a courier in his car

Another good option to earn isget a job as a courier. Many firms invite to work the car owners who are ready to use their own car for work. Not all goods or other items can be transported by public transport. For example, we can talk about courier delivery of important documents, this is courier work on your machine. The car in this case is more reliable.

Get a job in the delivery service, incourier service or office where from time to time it is required to personally deliver goods or documents to the address, it is possible and in the order of part-time, if the main place of work allows spontaneous absences. This is a good option for those who categorically do not tolerate a working routine in a confined space - the lack of a clear schedule can act positively and stimulate the working mood.

job as a driver by car


More difficult work, in which the car does notis the main mandatory parameter, it is the forwarder. However, in a small business under the position of a freight forwarder, a somewhat expanded courier post is often implied, and this is exactly the job in his car. A passenger car is used to transport relatively small lots of goods. Depending on the capacity of the machine, these can be cigarettes or sweets, which are delivered, according to the contract and waybills, to small retail outlets.

This work is associated with increased materialresponsibility, requires attention and control. Why do employers invite people with their own cars to these vacancies? As mentioned above, this is the desire to save money, not only on technology, but also on drivers. Each car owner decides independently whether he is ready for this amount of responsibility.

work on your lorry

Cargo taxi, fixed-route taxi

Greater opportunities open beforeowners of trucks or minibuses. For larger cars there is also a taxi service. So, work on your truck can almost not differ from the profession of a taxi driver, only it will not be necessary to transport people, but cargo. Sometimes a cargo taxi is ordered to take one large object within one city, for example, a refrigerator or a washing machine. To do this, heavy trucks are not needed, it is not always convenient to contact the company that provides cargo transportation services, and a specialized taxi will be here at the right time.

Owners of minibuses have another option -the work of the driver on his car is essentially a replenishment of the shuttle bus fleet. In this sphere of transportation there are their own difficulties and rules, pluses and minuses.

work in a taxi on your car

Delivery department

This type of work has a certain similarity withservices of a cargo taxi, the difference is that usually the employment in the delivery department is associated with a particular firm. For example, with a store selling household appliances. Depending on the dynamics of the work process, it can be either full-time or part-time.

Among the advantages of employment in the departmentDelivery - work on your own machine, free schedule, the ability to compensate for fuel and maintenance. However, this largely depends on the integrity of the employer, therefore, when employing, it is necessary to stipulate all the issues related to compensation of current expenses.

Moving service

No less popular so-called services formoving. Before the car owner here opens up some space for maneuver: he can simply provide his car as equipment, while remaining a driver. And you can independently organize a crew of movers and provide a comprehensive service for the transport of furniture and other property. Such work on their truck is certainly associated with the associated costs, and they must be taken into account when forming a price list for the service provided, otherwise business will quickly become unprofitable.

It is desirable to equip the moving carspecial belts for securing furniture and other large-sized items. To protect furniture against scratches and scratches, tarpaulins, bedspreads, felt canopies are used. If the machine is equipped with a hydraulic lift, this gives certain advantages, because not all items can be loaded only by the forces of loaders, and at office travel, sometimes heavy safes have to be transported.

work on your car free schedule

Other options

If we consider the car as a meansto make money, you can find an unoccupied niche in your own city or district. If the work on his car is connected with the transportation of people, then it is not limited only to taxi services. It can be organized excursions, servicing weddings and other celebrations, transfer to the airport or train station - in this case not only a luxury car, but also a minibus will be in demand.

Among other things, you can rent a car inrenting with a driver - this service may also be more preferable than a conventional taxi. Having your own car can be a pleasant and necessary addition to the development of your own business, not directly related to freight and passenger transportation. To bring a product to your own store is much cheaper on a personal car than to hire another car owner who decided to earn extra money.

Trucks with open body willinglyhired to transport construction materials, but here, too, it is necessary to provide for cargo features. Hard coal leaves a black scuff after itself, after many loose building materials the body has to be washed.

get a job on your car

Advantages and disadvantages

It may seem that it is only worth settling down forwork on his machine, and everything is organized by itself. But the car requires care and appropriate costs. Of course, in the car the owner feels literally at home, and this is a considerable advantage, especially for those who prefer a familiar and familiar environment.

But you should pay attention to employers,among them come unscrupulous people who try to solve their problems at someone else's expense. First of all, we are talking about those who are not going to reimburse the depreciation of the car, the cost of maintenance of fuel and lubricants, not to mention the planned and emergency repairs. To work on your machine brought not only emotional satisfaction, but also material profit, you must always take into account the costs, carefully treat the drafting of the contract, examine the feedback on the employer.

If the machine is not only personaltransport, pulling a large part of the family budget, and allows you to fix the financial situation, it clearly refers to business assets.

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  • What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine What kind of work is possible on your machine