The way to a radiant smile

Orthodontic dentistry - the way to a radiant smile

Modern medicine has moved far ahead forLately. The newest preparations, the equipment of domestic and import manufacture are used. Proceeding from the fact that a person tries to maintain his health, beauty at the proper level, orthodontic dentistry has taken one of the leading places in the field of medical services.

What is orthodontics?

The problem of unhealthy teeth iscommon among most people. Defects of bite, wrong position of the teeth, other congenital pathologies of the jawbone, which are involved in orthodontics ... In dentistry, there are many areas involved in the treatment of oral diseases, orthodontics also helps to correct the jaw part, which makes the smile beautiful, corrects bite, while using special devices.

orthodontic dentistry

In connection with the popularization, demanda beautiful smile, throughout the country, centers and clinics of orthodontics have been established that offer their services on a fee-for-service basis. It is important to go to the clinic that is really able to help, because when demand is high, there are always people who are able not only to not help, but also to harm. Therefore, it is necessary to apply only to proven, proven specialists who have appropriate licenses for the provision of services.

centers and clinics of orthodontics

Diagnosis of diseases

Wishing to get a beautiful smile, the first thingit is necessary to diagnose pathology, because treatment is a complex process, the errors of which can be harmful. The doctor conducts an examination, establishes the degree of severity, uses X-ray images, takes into account contraindications, and only after this, taking into account the calculations performed, prescribes treatment. Hygienic state of the oral cavity is also important. If there are other diseases in the mouth, side defects that can interfere with the corrective procedure, then the possibilities of orthodontic dentistry will not give the desired results. For this purpose, before the use of correction mechanisms by a doctor, measures are taken to bring the oral cavity into the necessary state.

Cases in which treatment is contraindicated

  • Development of periodontitis.
  • Diseases associated with mental disorders.
  • Allergy, especially on metal products.
  • Inadequate hygiene of the oral cavity.

Types of corrective devices

Orthodontic dentistry offers severaltypes of apparatus for correcting correct bite and alignment of the dentition. There are single-jaw, two-jaw, which are installed for round-the-clock wearing or during the night time. Removable and non-removable devices are also offered.

orthodontics in dentistry

Removable devices include kapy, positioners,trainers, records of Hinz. They are able to cope with a small pathology, where there is no need for a serious correction. Devices are used at any age, but are more often recommended to children because at an early age the jaw abnormalities are reversible, not requiring the installation of corrective permanent braces. Also, removable devices are used after a serious bite alignment, so that for prevention purposes the dentition has support, not allowing it to move back.

Non-removable devices

A common way to correct bite,which offers modern orthodontic dentistry, provides for the installation of bracket systems. This is a whole series of tied together elements of one apparatus, where each part performs an important role. There is a bracket-system of small locks, attached individually to each tooth, as well as a metal arc, which carries the direction of the teeth in the desired position due to pressure. Bracket-system is able to control the presence of teeth in three planes, so this orthodontic design in dentistry is very effective.

children's orthodontic stomatology

Where does the wrong bite come from?

Often pathological abnormalities occur inearly age, and over time the picture is exacerbated. A person has a number of habits that affect the displacement of the dentition. This is smoking, the habit of holding a pen in your mouth, the use of seeds, everything that constantly, affects the bite in the same way. The further the delay in diagnosis, treatment, the more difficult and problematic to eliminate the pathology. Therefore, children's orthodontic dentistry offers a wide range of suggestions and promotes the use of correctors in early childhood.

Advantages and disadvantages

Orthodontic braces are made fromdifferent material. There are plastic, metal, ceramic, sapphire. Accordingly, they can not be suitable for everyone, because they can cause different reactions of the body to contact with the material. Of the pros and cons, it is worth mentioning the financial component, the degree of oxidation and changes in the process of socks, the sensitivity and convenience of eating, strength, reliability of attachment.

orthodontic dentistry services

Also wearing brackets provides a violationnatural aesthetic appearance. To this end, manufacturers are offered a choice of different colors, as well as white and transparent materials. Depending on preferences, age, other personal needs, the orthodontist will install a bracket system with the desired color. In addition to the external attachment of devices, there is an internal fixing of the brackets, which will make it possible to conceal the wearing of corrective equipment.

Regardless of the wishes of the patient, the last word, recommendations and indications for use will be established by a doctor who provides orthodontic dentistry services.

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