MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics

MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant has longhas established itself from the best side, producing quality and very durable products. One of the company's developments was the hunting rifle MP-155, where they took the predecessor of this model - MR-153 for the base. Further on all aspects of the gun will be described in more 155 tuning

Design of the gun

The appearance of the gun is very presentable, althoughand does not pretend to the laurels of collectible specimens. First of all, striking design elements striking: intricate staples and butts of butts, fetches on the forearm, triangular shape of the fuse button and stuff-other. In general, the producers left from conciseness and simplicity to more luxurious notes. Pleases and the weight of the gun, which is a miserable 3.15 kg. Of course, among imported copies there are also lighter ones, but the price also makes itself felt, exceeding the similar figures of domestic guns by 15-20%. Here the attention of any hunter will fall on the MP-155. Tuning, by the way, is an integral part of all guns, which allows you to get rid of factory defects or improve the characteristics of the gun itself. If we talk about design, you can apply applications with which your purchase will look smoother and more effective.price 155 price

Fans of the MP line endlessly argue that,what kind of concept is better: the one that was in the MP-153, where the gun was intended more for "dense" shooting, or MR-155, which already easily allows hunting. There are so many people - so many opinions. If we talk about what kind of MP-155 characteristics, then here we can observe some differences between the 155th and the 153rd. Of course, even here the gun became a bit smaller, where the length varies from 610 to 750 mm, depending on various modifications and tuning elements. Weight ranges from 3.15 to 3.25 kg.

MP-155: tuning in winter time

Winter hunting is extremely important for any hunter,However, the beast may be afraid of the sight of the gun, which stands out against the general background in a dark color. Of course, you can use the above applications, but their cost is high enough that for Russian citizens a good reason. In this case, you can paint the weapon in white, but such a radical move does not justify itself, because the winter is a seasonal business, and each time nobody will repaint the gun. And then the people's methods can come to the aid, which we will describe in more detail.

If you decide to use the MP-155 gun in the periodwinter hunting, you can use as usual camouflage women's tights, which excellently cope with their task of disguise. This is done in the following way: we take a hot nail with which we make small holes in the wardrobe element, after which we fix them on the gun by means of white cloth or a plaster. The method is short-lived, but it will cost a miserable 100-150 rubles.rifle mr 155

If you do not like this approach, you canuse a gauze medical bandage. There is a significant drawback of this method - bandages are quickly unraveled on the threads, and also cling to any surface during movement. In this case, elastic bands will come to the rescue. Finally, if this is not to your liking, a white tape that works in any building benches will do the tricky task with such a non-trivial task.

The barrel of a gun

This element of the gun is made of aviationAluminum brand B95, which is famous for its strength and quality. In addition, most gun manufacturers use this material, so that Russian manufacturers do not lag behind foreign colleagues in anything.

In order to reduce the weight of the barrel, the engineers decidedModify the aiming bar, which became arched. In previous versions, as you remember, it was brazed along the entire length of the trunk. Of course, the weight was lowered, but all this created problems with the fastening of the bar itself, which should be soldered with silver-containing solder. Innovation has long been asking for implementation, because the old forms clearly hampered progress in general. The width of the aiming bar became somewhat higher - 6.8 mm in the MP-155 gun against 5.9 mm in the 153-meter.rifle mr 155 reviews

By the way about fastening the bar. At first glance, it seems that it is tightly soldered, but with a close inspection you can see 7 pins with which this element is attached to the trunk. The quality of the guilloche is somewhat inferior to that of the 153rd.

Types of boxes

Depending on the caliber of cartridges, there are 2type barrels for our hero. Caliber, as you might guess, is also 2: 12x76 and 12x89. The long-awaited surprise was the grooves for the collimator, located above. For some increase in versatility, the upper part of the box acquired a flattening, which allowed to reduce the necessary height of the supports of the bracket. The separate grooves awaited the unification in a single detail. At the same time, guilloche disappeared, which in turn worsened the convenience of sighting. Unlike the MP-153 box, here it also became 155 tuning pictures

Aids on the gun

Today, there are many body kits that you canput on the MP-155. Tuning guns will allow you to better aim, help in the dark of the day or improve the quality of shooting. Now we will talk about the installation of a collimator sight, a flashlight and a bracket.

As for the first, the collimators are openand closed. In turn, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Closed, for example, is better protected from mechanical damage, while the open one has better compactness, a presentable appearance, and also a larger view than a competitor. However that may be, the owner of the MP-155 gun decides. The price of collimators is different, starting from a mark of 4000 rubles and reaching 100 thousand. So much variation is characterized by quality, brand and depth of all kinds of settings.hunting rifle 155

An important body kit for weapons can be andbracket, which allows to maximize the capabilities of the MP-155 gun. The price is low, amounting to 1300-2000 rubles. This concerns products from the Russian manufacturer. Imported analogues will cost a bit more. In our hero, the bracket will hold the flashlight, which will be an excellent help to any hunter. Really high-quality under-barrels start from a mark of 5000 rubles. Continuing to talk about the attachments of the MP-155, do not forget about the NVN (night vision devices), which are gaining increasing popularity among hunters. Pleasure, of course, is not cheap, because the kit can cost 75 and more thousand rubles. Nevertheless, for this amount, the owner receives excellent optics with a certain multiplicity, as well as a multitude of functions, among which focusing, one-shot firing and many others. Finally, having decided to use 100% of the MP-155 tuning, you can change the butt and put a tactical handle.


The crochet and bolt also succumbed to the reduction, thatcontributed to shortening the back of the bolt frame. From this comes a fairly logical conclusion that a firing from the predecessor will not work. With all these innovations, the length of the shutter stroke remained at the same level, equaling 102-105 mm. The handle of the bolt itself was left interchangeable. It is worth noting that engineers have introduced longitudinal dolly, which is, rather, a decorative function, rather than practical. On them you can see the brand and number of the 155 Characteristics

Speaking about the appearance, the shutter MP-155 is not very flexiblediffers from the familiar predecessor, but several elements have been reworked. First of all, the view falls on facilitating samples that do not greatly affect the survivability of the gun. The extractor has also undergone some changes, becoming unseeing.

The gas engine

If to compare with МР-153, it is possible to note deeplya modified node where the system of gas discharge from the barrel was moved to the piston. The solution is quite correct, because the total weight of metal in these cases works much better and is optimal. In addition, it is much easier to clean the unit, as well as its adjustment or replacement. Some concerns can only cause a significant reduction in soldering area to the trunk of the gas chamber, which is likely to have a major impact on the longevity of the parts. In general, a very controversial decision.

As for the muzzleheads and the magazine nuts,they remained the same, why the forehead will start from the 153rd on the 155th as a native. The trigger-trigger mechanism (USM) has become a little easier, and the shape with the location has changed quite noticeably. Together with this, the kinematic scheme was not touched, leaving everything in its place. The trigger release is 1.1 mm and 2 kg.

A separate mention is made by the cuttershop, which will be a great apprentice, even for those who have never used them before. The butt of the butt also has somewhat refreshed, becoming thicker and flaunting the complex combination (plastic-rubber).


To avid hunters and fans of weapons of impressionsfrom shooting will remain bright. Of course, shooting is not very different among the "classmates" of the 155th, but in comparison with its predecessor, fatigue is less felt. In particular, this applies to long runs or the MR-155. Tuning, a photo of which you can see in this article, slightly increases the weight by means of attachments, but it will not exceed 3.7 kg (charged version). Delays are extremely rare, and there are no frequent misfires here. It will be enough for a newcomer to get comfortable with this weapon, however, as with other semi-automatic machines, it will be necessary to practice "automatic" shooting a little. It so happens that the "green" hunters stop shooting after 2-3 shots, although the target is still in the zone of their reach. Actually, training with the 155-m is very simple: we put on the field a few plates or bottles (preferably spontaneously), after which we burn with the transfer of fire until the moment when the cartridges in the store run out. The main thing is practice.

Shotgun MR-155 - owner reviews

In general, users note a lotthe merits of this gun. As for the advantages, most hunters liked the relatively small weight of the gun, as well as its high-quality assembly, which does not allow breaking the 155th after the first fire. Finally, the ability to hang a gun with numerous nozzles completes the overall positive impression.attachments mr 155

Of course, there were some defects inthe MP-155 gun. The owners' comments are noted by a weak interceptor, which is very inclined to bending around the axis. Sometimes there are misfires, as well as discrepancy of coaxiality of the rings in the trunk. Finally, quite often there are cases of falling of the axis of the earring. In the rest it is quite an excellent gun, which competes on an equal footing with foreign specimens.


In the end, we got a very good gun,corresponding to its price category. As for the domestic manufacturer, it is high-quality and convenient, and lends itself to a good upgrade, which will certainly be to the liking of fans of tuning. It can be recommended to both avid hunters and beginners. Yes, and the price will please, which is in the range of 25-30 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration.

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  • MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics MR-155: tuning. Hunting rifle MP-155: photo, price, characteristics