How to make papier-mache

How to make papier-mache

The possibilities for ideas in creating handicrafts in papier-mâché are practically unlimited. A master class on how to make papier-mâché for beginners includes learning how to make a mass of water and flour and how to create simple handicrafts with your own hands. With this technique, you can create toys, shapes, masks and many other products.

How to make papier-mache simple

The mass for crafts is made using a mixture of water and flour, mixed in a ratio of 2: 1 to a creamy consistency. If the mixture is too liquid, a 1: 1 ratio can be used. Salt is added to it so that the mixture does not rise. There is also a recipe that requires cooking: mix the mixture of water and flour, stirring slowly over low heat for five minutes, then cool and add 3-5 drops of peppermint oil to give a pleasant aroma and prevent spoilage of the mixture. The mixture is stored in a refrigerator in a tightly closed container.

papier-mâché recipe

Having learned this technique, it is easy to understand how to make papier-mâché at home. Whatever the manufacturing technology, use the mixture equally. She is soaked with paper, which is then attached to the form, and then painted.Currently, stores for hobbies and crafts provide materials for creating crafts papier-mâché.

how to make a lot of papier-mache

As a work surface it is better to use wax paper. Spilled drops of the mixture should be immediately removed from surfaces and clothing, as it is more difficult to get rid of the dried mass.

Works for beginners

Many are interested in how to make papier-mâché from newspapers. This is done very simply and does not take much time.

Colorful flying saucer

A simple product that can be hung in the nursery. Necessary materials:

  • 2 paper plates;
  • ready mix;
  • adhesive tape;
  • scissors;
  • newspaper;
  • pencil;
  • paints of different colors;
  • brush.

beautiful papier-mâché plate for children

How to make a papier-mâché plate:

1. Draw and cut a small circle in the center of each plate.

2. Turn the plates face each other and tape their edges together with adhesive tape.

3. Tear the newspaper into strips, dip each into mass and completely cover the plates with strips. It is also important to process the form from the inside. The more layers will be applied, the stronger the product will be. Dry naturally.

4. Paint the plate with paint.

Flying saucer is ready. Kids will love its bright colors.

Animal with a form of wire or thick paper

A more complex project that requires the creation of a form of crumpled paper or wire mesh. Necessary materials:

  • newspaper strips;
  • ready weight;
  • thick wrinkled paper or wire mesh;
  • soft wire;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint.

how to make an animal out of papier mache and wire

How to make papier-mache animals:

1. The main thing in this project is to create a form-base in the form of any animal made of wire or thick paper. The made figure is fixed with soft wire.

2. The figure is carefully covered with newspaper strips soaked in the mixture and dried.

3. If necessary, the dried figure is treated with sandpaper to remove lumps of the mixture.

4. Now the crafts can be painted and left to dry.

fish wire and papier mache

The animal is ready! In the same way you can make a doll or any other figure.

Techniques for the little ones

The advantage of involving children in the creation of handicrafts is that they learn to work with the material. In the process of choosing a material, touching it and working with it, children will learn how different objects are felt and manifest themselves.

Easter egg

Not everyone knows that papier-mâché can be made from toilet paper.This project is extremely simple and is suitable for the first work of a small child. Necessary materials:

  • oval-shaped balloon;
  • strips of newspaper or heavy toilet paper;
  • ready weight;
  • Paint several colors to choose from.

papier mache easter eggs

How to make a papier mache easter egg:

1. Color the paper strips in different colors and leave to dry.

2. Using the mixture, completely glue the balloon with stripes and allow to dry.

This technique allows you to quickly create simple forms. Easter egg is ready.

Smart mask

For this craft you will need a ready-made mask. You can buy it at any creative store and some bookstores. Necessary materials:

  • mask form;
  • ready weight;
  • small strips of newspaper or toilet paper;
  • metallic paint;
  • brush;
  • glue (pva or other);
  • set of rhinestones;
  • set of small feathers.


blank masquerade mask for painting

How to make a mask in papier-mâché technique:

1. Apply a lot to the mask form, then stick it with paper stripes. Let it dry.

2. Separate the mask from the form. Color the resulting mask, let the paint dry.

3. Now you can decorate the mask with rhinestones and feathers.

You can attach to the mask gum to wear it on a masquerade and for games. An elegant mask will look good on the wall.

papier-mâché mask

During work, it is useful to allow the child to touch and examine each material and ask how the material feels, how it looks and what it is used for. It stimulates the self-expression of children through language and makes the creation of hand-made articles exciting.

Holiday items

In the pre-holiday time, it is great to make some jewelry by yourself. It is always nice to decorate a house or garden with homemade decor.

Halloween decorations

Halloween does not have to be gloomy. Pumpkins and spiders are permanent attributes of this exciting holiday.

Pumpkin from the ball

If this pumpkin is hard to find, you can make your own. Necessary materials:

  • round latex ball;
  • ready mix;
  • newspaper strips 3 cm wide;
  • sandpaper;
  • soft wire;
  • orange paint;
  • black paint (optional);
  • tassel;
  • wooden stick 1.5 cm wide and 5 cm long;
  • sheet of thick cardboard;
  • paper knife;
  • scissors;
  • hot glue;
  • small nail;
  • small bowl

halloween pumpkin made quickly and easily out of paper mache

How to make a papier-mache pumpkin:

1. Inflate the ball. Its value depends on the desired size of the pumpkin.

2. Without tying the ball, measure its circumference with soft wire and cut the wire so that its ends meet when wrapped around the ball. Cut three more pieces of wire of the same length.

3. All pieces of wire are wrapped around the ball, their ends are tied into a knot. The wire is moved apart so that all its parts “embrace” the ball from six sides.

4. Inflate the ball a little more, so that the wire stretches and holds firmly, not moving.

5. Continue to inflate the ball until the areas between the pieces of wire begin to bulge, creating ribbing like a pumpkin.

6. Dip the newspaper strips into the mixture. The strips must be completely soaked, the excess mixture from them can be removed by stretching each between the index and middle fingers.

dunk the paper in a paper mache paste

7. Layers of the mixture are applied one by one. Each layer should dry before applying the next. All you need is 4-5 layers.

8. A well-dried product is ready for painting. But first you need to carefully handle the ball with sandpaper to remove the pieces of the mixture.

9. If the used newspaper had dark places - headlines, images, etc.d., then before applying the orange paint should paint a pumpkin in black and allow to dry. Thus it is possible to avoid the x-raying of the dark areas through the orange paint.

10. Putting the bowl on the top of the pumpkin, on its contour with a knife cut out the shape.

11. Cut a circle from cardboard. Its size depends on the size of the cut out tip - the circle should be about two times smaller.

12. Using hot glue, the circle is glued to the inside of the top.

13. From the outer part, a carnation is inserted in the middle of the top, then removed. After that, the tip is turned over and the nail is again inserted and fixed with glue.

14. Glue is applied on the bottom of the wooden stick, then it is inserted so that the nail is stuck in the middle.

The product is ready. You can't eat such a pumpkin, but it will last longer.

For the manufacture of this spider will need the most common balloon. Necessary materials:

  • ready mix;
  • a balloon 20-23 cm in diameter;
  • strips from the newspaper;
  • black tempera paint;
  • small bowl;
  • tassel;
  • hot glue;
  • needle;
  • 3 black brushes for pipe cleaning;
  • soft wire;
  • 2 large rhinestones;
  • a bunch of black wool or any other material that mimics hairs;
  • red acrylic paint;
  • clear paint with glitter.

papier mache spider for halloween

How to make a papier-mâché spider:

1. Inflate and tie the ball. Tie a knot with a piece of wire 5-7 cm long.

2. Dipping the newspaper strips into the mixture, vertically position them on the ball until they cover the entire surface. Then the ball is hung for drying.

3. Pierce the ball with a needle and carefully remove it from the mold.

4. Apply 2 coats of black paint to the form.

5. Using hot glue, pipe brushes are glued to the bottom of the mold. They are glued middle to the bottom to make 3 legs on the sides.

6. Glue the eyes, rhinestones and hair.

7. The spider is decorated with sequins, the mouth is painted with red paint.

papier mache spider

Creative spider ready. This toy can be decorated with furniture, it will be especially interesting to watch a “flock” of several such spiders.

New Year's projects

Everyone's favorite holiday can not do without elegant decor. Hanging garlands and decorating a Christmas tree, you can begin to create his own Christmas crafts. You can make papier-mache for every taste and fantasy.

Even if the house already has a large Christmas tree, then a small Christmas tree made of papier-mâché can decorate the kitchen or children's room. Necessary materials:

• ready mix;
• foam polystyrene cone;
• strips of thin colored paper 2.5 cm wide and 6 cm long;
• brush;
• hair spray.

Christmas tree for the new year of papier-mâché and wire

How to make a tree out of papier-mâché:

1. Moisten paper strips in bulk. Cover them with a cone, smoothing the paper with your fingers.

2. Leave the cone completely covered in paper to dry overnight.

3. Coat the dried cone with a thin layer of hairspray.

papier-mâché for Christmas

Elegant Christmas tree is ready. It can be used for every new year.

Snowman from a bottle

What New Year will do without one of the symbols of winter? Necessary materials:

  • ready weight;
  • white, orange and pink paint;
  • brush;
  • a bottle of no more than 1.5 liters;
  • newspaper, rolled into a ball;
  • artificial snow;
  • wool fabric;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • button;
  • black and red markers.

papier-mâché snowmen make wonderful

How to make a snowman in papier-mâché technique:

1. Put the balloon from the newspaper on the bottle neck. Apply the mass to the entire surface of the bottle, including the ball, and leave to dry.

2. Cover the form with white paint and immediately sprinkle with artificial snow. Let it dry.

3Cut a small scarf out of fabric, wrap a snowman around the “neck” and fix it with glue in front. A button can be sewn to a scarf in advance, or it can be attached with glue to an already worn scarf.

4. Draw a mouth on the head with a red marker, a nose with black.

5. Orange and pink colors are needed for the nose and rosy cheeks.

The product is ready. Such a snowman never melts.

Papier Mache Birds

Making beautiful and unusual crafts with your own hands uplifting and soothing. Some people claim that this is akin to meditation. Early involvement in the creative process always has a beneficial effect on the child, helping to develop his imagination and ability to express himself. Therefore, making papier-mache is a great hobby for children and adults.

We recommend to watch a video about papier-mâché technique with a paste paste.

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  • How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

    How to make papier-mache

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