How to learn to read English

How to learn to read English?

Among all foreign languages ​​the mostdemanded and necessary is English. This is due to the fact that it is popular in many countries of the world. Knowing English can be explained in almost any country. People should master this language well, to be able to work with and communicate with it. It is important not only to be able to talk, but also to read well. The question arises: how to learn to read in English, what is needed for this? The most important is the desire to constantly learn and perseverance, which will allow you to continue your studies, despite any difficulties.

How to learn to read English: tips

  • So, in order to quickly learn to read English,first thing, you need to learn all the letters and their correct pronunciation. In English, the name of the letters often does not match the pronunciation, it is important to know. In addition, the pronunciation of letters often depends on their location, this must also always be remembered and know the rules of pronunciation of each letter of the English alphabet. Not knowing the rules of pronunciation, read the text and understand it by ear will be simply impossible.
  • No less important in reading is the skillto divide words into syllables. It is necessary to know which syllable is open, and which is closed. The rules of consonance, publicity and pronunciation of letters must be taught at the very beginning. You can find these rules in the textbooks on reading in English.
  • During the training it is necessary to keepis a good English-language dictionary. This will allow at the right time to look at the transcription of the word which will help to correctly read the words. The dictionary should be easy to use and contain a maximum of words. In fact, learning how to read correctly in English is not as difficult as a beginner might seem. But to achieve the result, as elsewhere, a large amount of practice is needed, and the help of a mentor. Read better together with a teacher, teacher or a person who knows very well English. He can show you the mistakes and ways to solve them.
  • Read the need as much as possible and more often, doing thisregularly. Significant gaps in training will lead to braking, and, in the end, you will stumble in one place, allowing the same errors. Now there are many online services that allow you to learn how to read English online, there are even programs that test the correct pronunciation. Such opportunities have appeared quite recently. If before it was necessary to apply to professional teachers, now you can do with a computer and the Internet.
  • When you learn to read the majoritywords in English you can go to the study of intonation, which can be raised or lowered while reading the text. Lowering and increasing intonation can occur in an exclamatory, narrative and interrogative sentence.

If you firmly said to yourself: I want to learn how to read in English quickly and correctly, then you should plan in advance the time in which you will be engaged. You need to do this every day, hots for 20 minutes. To allocate such amount of time everyone can, of course, better give as much time as possible. Then the result will be achieved faster. But even 20 minutes a day will be enough to learn to read well in English and understand the text by ear. Classes in reading are best spent before bedtime, then information will be better absorbed.

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