How to freeze strawberries for winter

How to freeze strawberries for winter

how to freeze strawberriesStrawberries are a favorite berry, the season of whichlasts, depending on the region, from May to July. Of course, the benefits of fresh products are invaluable, and although today a berry imported from abroad can be purchased all year round in any large supermarket, it is better to freeze the strawberries at home all the same. Often, the "store" winter variant has an unintended taste or even its absence, it has atypical large forms that are not characteristic for this berry, which may indicate the use of a large number of chemicals during cultivation, and a fairly high price. It is much more useful and cheaper to grow berries on their own or to buy it on the nearest market, and then to procure for the future for the winter. How to freeze strawberries, read further in our article. By the way, the benefit of such a preparation is invaluable, because berries retain all the nutritional properties inherent in a fresh product. A snowy winter as nice to get a portion of strawberries, thaw it and eat, thereby supporting the body's immunity. Or cook various desserts - mousse, pie, ice cream sauce and others.

How to freeze strawberries: method number 1

There are two main ways to prepare berriesfor the winter - in the form of fresh jam, which does not need to be cooked, or traditionally to preserve the fruit entirely. Let's consider the first option. Necessary amount of strawberries to clean, thoroughly rinse with water, dry and put in a blender. Then add sugar - 100 g for 400 g of berries. Whisk thoroughly until smooth, divide into portions and transfer to molds - plastic containers, glass jars with thick walls or strong bags, place in the freezer. Such a workpiece may well be stored until next summer. And in the winter, delivering a bag of delicious jam, you can serve it to flavored tea, make a dressing for pancakes or stuffing for pies.

How to freeze strawberries: method № 2

frozen strawberry benefitIt is known that the berry, lying in the freezera certain time, thawing, often turns into a "kissel" or a bloated, unappetizing looking mass. Of course, you can simply put the strawberries into packages and send them to the freezer, or you can use some tricks. First, you need to choose the fruits of late varieties, but not ripe and not very soft. It is not necessary to separate the green peduncles. It is also said that if you do not wash strawberries before freezing, it will retain more vitamins. This is just an opinion, because it is unlikely that scientific research has been conducted on such a topic, so it's up to you to decide. Secondly, the whole berry should be packed in batches in packages - exactly in the amount that you may need in the future. Repeated defrosting of any unspent plant products is highly undesirable.

Frozen strawberries: recipes for delicious dishes

Of the berries preserved in this way, you can cook a large number of dishes. Perhaps as much as fresh. Here are the recipes of some of them.

Strawberry mousse

To please the family in the winter season, try to prepare mousse from freshly thawed berries. It's so like the summer! For him you will need:

- 300 g of strawberries;
- 100 g of sugar;
- food gelatin - about 3 teaspoons.

By the way, if you harvested the berry firstway, just a couple of hours before cooking, remove the portion from the refrigerator, but in this case, use only gelatin - sugar in the fresh jam already exists. If you have all the berries, then wipe them through a sieve or whip into a thick foam with a blender, and then add sugar. Soak gelatin (it should swell), heat it on the stove (but do not boil) until the crystals are completely dissolved, pour into the strawberry puree and mix thoroughly. The mass must be spread out into molds and sent to freeze in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours you can serve an excellent dessert, especially tasty, if you drink it with milk. Frozen strawberries, whose benefits are indistinguishable from fresh berries, will give you the necessary amount of vitamins, and milk - a lot of useful calcium.

Sauce from frozen strawberries to pancakes

frozen strawberry recipesFor him, take:

- 300 g of frozen strawberries (do not pre-thaw it);
- 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar;
- about 100 g of water;
- 1 tsp. starch.

Grind the berries in a blender, place in a saucepan,add sugar and water. Stir, bring to a boil slowly. Then, dilute starch with a small amount of water, pour into the strawberry puree, which does not need to be removed from the fire, cook the sauce until thick. Keep in mind that the more starch you add, the thicker the sauce will turn out. Done - can be served with pancakes or used as gravy to ice cream. Now, knowing how to properly freeze strawberries, you can cook these and other dishes all year round. Their taste and benefit will be appreciated by all members of your family.

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