Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists

Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *, Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists

The resort village of Beldibi, located 15 kmfrom Kemer, attracts vacationers not only with clean beaches and warm sea, but also with magnificent natural scenery, as well as a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Local hotels, even budget ones, are usually very convenient, but it's worth staying at them inexpensively. It concerns, for example, a three-star complexOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *offering guests of Turkey comfortable rooms and good service. Respond tourists who have already visited this hotel, it is usually very good.

Where is?

This hotel is located directly in the village of Beldibi, about 300 meters from the sea shore. From all sides, this comfortable hotel is surrounded by picturesque, overgrown with tropical greenery.

ozer park hotel beldibi 3

The distance to Kemer from the hotel is approximately15 km. To reach this rather large Turkish resort, hotel guests can literally in 20-30 minutes by bus. There are routes to Kemer regularly and, judging by the reviews, there are no problems with the residents of the hotel with a visit to this city does not arise.

The majority of tourists consider Beldibi itselfvery clean, comfortable and convenient to move. The layout of this settlement is well thought out. In addition, the village of Beldibi is also small. It is almost impossible to get lost here. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are many cafes, shops of different specialization, restaurants, etc.

From the airport in Antalya, the hotel is about 44 km away. That is, to get to the hotel on the bus of the tour operator, vacationers who rented rooms here need about an hour.

Hotel description general

Beldibi welcomes this three-star budget hotelin one small three-story building. Built hotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *in modern design with elements of Turkishstyle. The courtyard of this small country by the standards of the hotel has its own. The area he, judging by the reviews on the web, is not particularly large. However, according to many vacationers, the territory of this hotel looks very neat, cozy and beautiful. Everywhere in the courtyard of this hotel is planted southern luxurious vegetation. For the cleanliness of the courtyard of the complex and beyond the greens carefully monitored employees are carefully monitored here. The total area of ​​the hotel, according to information provided to its customers by tour operators, is 3450 m2.

ozer park hotel beldibi 3 reviews

BuilthotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3in Turkeyin Beldibiwas quite a long time ago - in 2000. That is, according to hotel standards, the complex is already quite old. However, no special inconveniences due to the significant age of the hotel, its guests, judging by the available online reviews of 2017 g, do not experience. Exception is unless some small things. The convenience of the guests in this hotel is provided, first of all, by the fact that in 2016 the reconstruction was carried out here.

As already mentioned, the complex Ozer Park -budgetary. Tour to Turkey with accommodation here during the week will cost only about 22-25 thousand rubles. per adult. This, of course, very little.

reviewsOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *Served and for the fact thatevery possibleadditional services atguests can pay not only in cash. If desired, tenants can also use cards. However, the hotel accepts only "Visas".

Number of rooms

All the rooms at the Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 * (Kemer), and there are 50 of them equipped here, belong to the most popular class of travelers. The size of the hotel rooms is 20 m.2. For a Turkish budget hotel such dimensionsare a very good option. Of course, the rooms of this hotel are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of the guests. The rooms in the hotel have:

  • air conditioning;
  • TV;
  • phone.

hotel ozer park hotel beldibi 3 kemer

All the beds in the rooms of this hotel are double. Separate in the apartment, designed for two adults, the hotel, unfortunately, is not provided. At least, according to the reviews of tourists, it was in 2017 (although information on the sites of tour operators is different, which introduces the future guests of the complex into confusion).

On the TV, hotel tenants can watcheven a few Russian-language channels. This majority of travelers, of course, also refers to the unconditional pluss of the complex. There is a hairdryer in the shower. Of course, there is also a traditional set of toiletries. Slippers and dressing gowns in this hotel, unfortunately, are not given to guests.

Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *: reviews of tourists about the room fund

Leased inthis hotel accommodationmost of his former guests praise. The rooms in this recreation center are offered, according to tourists, clean, comfortable and comfortable. The maids come to the rooms every day. And every time they do not only dry, but also wet cleaning. Periodically, the bed linen and towels are changed at the hotel. They are never dirty at the hotel.

Reviews 2017 aboutOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *There are good ones, including becausebreathe in the roomsof thishotel its occupants can completely without any noise interference. Manydwellershotels even note that they felt in her rooms almost "like a grandmother in the village." The only noise that can be heard on the territory of this hotel is the singing of cocks in the morning.

Types of windows are literally all numbers in thishotel (even located on the first floor), judging by the reviews, they are simply magnificent. As already mentioned, the village of Beldibi is actually in a very picturesque mountainous area. Beautiful views of tourists, by the way, judging by the reviews, can admire not only from the windows of rooms, but from anywhere in the areaand hotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *A photo,presented on the page, this fact is confirmed unconditionally.

The showers of this recreation center, as manyits guests are equipped, of course, not as good as, for example, in 4- and 5-star hotels. Instead of a booth, ordinary watering cans are provided here (even without pallets). But, at least, hot water in this recreation center, judging by the reviews, there is always. For a budget Turkish hotel, this is even a rarity. Such convenience is provided in this complex for a simple and at the same time original scheme. The hotel administration simply installed tanks under the heating of water directly on the roof, under the sun. The only thing - in the evenings from the taps in the shower rooms of the hotel, for obvious reasons, can go not hot, but warm water.

Disadvantages of numbers

Housing, therefore, in the opinion of holidaymakers, in a hotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *surrenders quite convenient. Some shortcomings of the rooms are mainly due to the "age" of the hotel. For example, on the floor you can see a slightly poktsannuyu tile, and in the shower - rust on the walls or floor. But the special disadvantages of such shortcomings to the residents of the hotel in most cases do not deliver.

hotel ozer park hotel beldibi 3 reviews

Hotel Infrastructure

Despite the fact that the hotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *(Turkey Kemer)aboutTo the budget class, on its territoryfor the guests, of course, there are also various kinds of conveniences. Of course, there is an outdoor swimming pool in this hotel, as well as in almost any three-star in Turkey. Also there is a small parking for those tourists who rent cars in the country.

Among other things, hotel guests canuse not its territory free WiFi. There are no information about cases of theft in this hotel on the Internet. At least, no such former guests of this complex have reported on such cases in their recall on the Web. But still, it is better not to leave valuable things in the center in this center, like in any other. Keep their lodgers complex, for example, in the safe at the reception. This service is paid at the hotel. It is safe in the hotel $ 2 per day.

What is the opinion of tourists about the hotel infrastructure?

Lodging in the hotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *,according to her former guests, concerningconveniently. The hotel pool is praised by most of its occupants. The water in it is always clean and has a comfortable temperature. Sun loungers and umbrellas near the pool guests can use for free. To the pluses of the hotel, tourists also include the fact that there is a water slide.

The feature of this hotel, among other things, isThere is no animation here. But some tourists consider this even the dignity of the hotel. After all, in the evenings to relax in their rooms in this hotel guests do not interfere with karaoke or loud music. In addition, sometimes animators on the territory of the complex by his administration are still invited. The show they are satisfied with this, judging by the reviews, quite good.

hotel ozer park hotel 3 beldibi turkey

Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *: staff reviews

The rooms in this complex, thus, in the opinion oftravelers - comfortable, and the territory - comfortable. The tourists speak well of the staff of this hotel. At the reception here, for example, newly arrived vacationers hotel staff are always greeted very affably. In other respects, the hotel staff behaves with respect to the guests in a precautionary manner, trying to solve the problems arising with the holidaymakers as quickly as possible.

Dining at the hotel

WorkingOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3* A very convenient for tourists system "all inclusive". DeThere is such a scheme of food in the hotel with10:30 to 22:00. For free in bars, guests can, however, only take local drinks. For import pay still have to be separately. In the dining room for guests preparing breakfast, brunch, dinner and dinner. The hotel's restaurant is open buffet style.

Reviews about food in this complex with touriststhere are also good ones. The guests cook here delicious. The menu in the dining room of this hotel is quite diverse. Breakfasts in the complex are served traditional Turkish - omelet, jam, sausages. Meat dishes in the hotel are dominated by chicken. For dinner, guests can take cakes and cakes.


The bar next to the swimming pool at this hotel operates up to 10:30 until 22:00. Cocktails of its employees, as tourists say on specialized reviews sites, make delicious. And working bartenders in this hotel, according to vacationers, quickly.

hotel ozer park hotel beldibi 3

Hotel beach

From the sea shore complexOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 * rIt is located nearby. The beach at this recreation center has its own. Determine the place of his stay guests can be on the inscriptions on the deckchairs. By these accessories tenants of the complex on the seashore can, by the way, use it for free.

Reviews of the beach, owned by the hotel, from touristsdeserved good. The sea in this place is usually calm and quite clean. The beach is covered with pebbles. There are no big boulders here. Log into the sea at this place, judging by the reviews of travelers, however, not very comfortable. But in the presence of slates no problems with bathing at the hotel guests usually does not arise. In addition, the beach of the hotel, among other things, equipped with special places to enter the sea.

There are too many people on the beach in this placeusuallycan not be. But the beds for the hotel guests still have to borrow early in the morning. In order to then the chaise lounge is not occupied by other tourists, during absences on it you should just put a towel.

Views from the beach of the hotel, as well as from its territory, open, judging by the reviews of travelers, are simply magnificent. Therefore, experienced tourists recommend vacationers who have rented rooms in thebody Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *, be sure to take a camera with you on a trip. Photographs on the beach of this hotel can be made very bright and spectacular.


Your tour desk at the hotelOzer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 *,Unfortunately no. But also to the guide from the tour operator experienced holidaymakers newcomers do not advise to consult. Excursions in Beldibi are better to buy from street vendors. In most cases, such sellers offer really very interesting and informative trips. Standing the same excursions from local guides are almost twice cheaper than those of tour operators.

The most visited tourist attractions insettlement

  • Beldibi Cave with archaeological excavations, discovered in the 1950s;
  • the Beldibi waterfall.

ozer park hotel beldibi 3 turkey kemer

Also hotel guests Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 * (Turkey)can go, for example, to the ruins of an ancientthe city of Phaselis. Its ruins are surrounded by citrus and pine groves. Organized in Beldibi excursions and to one of the most visited tourist attractions in Turkey - the monument of Pamukkale.

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  • Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists Hotel Ozer Park Hotel Beldibi 3 , Turkey, Kemer: photos, reviews of tourists