Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews

Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews

Fans of Turkish resorts are very popularKemer. The composition of the famous resort includes less well-known villages that offer a good holiday on their coast. This place is also Beldibi. In this article we want to tell about one of its hotels - Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi).

A bit about the hotel ...

Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi) is located onthe Turkish coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel has been hosting guests since 2004. The total area of ​​the establishment is 15 thousand square meters. The complex received its name thanks to the original design, the hotel is made in the form of a marine catamaran.

catamaran resort hotel 5 beldibi

Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi) is built onthe coast, the distance from the sea to the hull does not exceed one hundred meters. The hotel complex is located just 12 kilometers from Kemer, and the distance from Antalya airport is 45 kilometers.

Number of rooms

Rooms Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi) is presented by 223 apartments of different categories:

  1. Standard rooms, the area of ​​which is 26 square meters. m. Two of them are equipped for people with special needs. The rooms have central air conditioning, safe, mini-bar, TV, bathroom with shower, hairdryer. The apartment is designed for three guests.
  2. Corner Suites have an area of ​​about 45 square meters. m. The rooms are equipped with double beds, central air-conditioning, TV, mini-bar, safe and hairdryer. The apartment consists of a bedroom and a living area. The windows of these rooms overlook the sea.
  3. Family apartments have a standardcomplete set, but thus consist of two rooms - a bedroom and a nursery, their area - 45 sq. m. The rooms are designed to accommodate four people, their windows overlook the mountains.
  4. Junior suites have an area of ​​about 65 square meters. The rooms have a bedroom and a living room, their windows overlook the sea. The apartments are designed for four tourists.

Catering services

The concepts of "all inclusive" and "ultra all inclusive"hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Kemer, Beldibi) gives the opportunity to choose the most convenient food. The main restaurant "Sailing" accepts up to 400 guests. He works on the "buffet" option. The establishment is in the main building, its chef prepares local dishes, as well as international cuisine. Turkish beverages are offered free of charge to guests.

The hotel also operates a fishrestaurant "Pruva". Its visitors can taste the freshest seafood dishes. From its windows there is a picturesque view of the sea and mountains. A small establishment can accommodate up to 20 people.

Lovers of Turkish cuisine will be interested to visitOttoman restaurant, located on the beach. If you miss Italian food, then you can go to the institution with traditional Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a wonderful outdoor terrace with stunning panoramic views of the sea. A large selection of pizza varieties and delicious pasta will not leave anyone indifferent.

catamaran resort hotel 5 kemer beldibi

In the lobby bar "Kassar" you can relax fora cup of tea with a wonderful batch. Bar-restaurant "Alesta" on the beach offers a wonderful range of dishes. Here you can dine without leaving the coast.

For the most active tourists who love nightly entertainment, there is a disco bar. In summer, it is located on the beach, and in the winter - in the main building of the hotel.

Hotel Infrastructure

Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Kemer, Beldibi) haswell-developed infrastructure. Swimming pools on its territory are pleasing to adults and kids. And the availability of water slides will add diversity to the rest. The presence of a water park in the hotel - a great entertainment for tourists of all ages. Inside the building there is also an indoor pool.

The hotel is open for business guests, at itsThere is a conference hall equipped with modern equipment. For tourists, there is a shop and a souvenir stall, a jacuzzi, a hairdresser, a hammam, a massage room, a sauna, a beauty salon.

Services for children

Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Beldibi)is focused on the children's audience, so for young guests there is a swimming pool, a mini club, where you can frolic with your peers, play games and dance in a mini disco. Animators work with children, arranging interesting events for them.

Sports & Activities

Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Beldibi)offers a wide range of entertainment for every taste. The hotel employs professional animators, which offer tourists to take part in sports and entertainment programs. There is a gym on site, there is a mini golf course. All comers can do aerobics, gymnastics, play billiards, basketball, table tennis and big tennis. Water sports are available on the coast. In addition, you can learn the basics of scuba diving. In the evenings, guests are offered interesting entertainment programs.

Beach holidays

Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Kemer) is located onthe coast, so the road to the beach of the institution takes only a couple of minutes. The sand and pebble beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers. There is also a pier, on which it is pleasant to relax and conveniently descend into the water.

A bit about the resort ...

As we already mentioned, the hotel Catamaran ResortHotel 5 * (Beldibi), photo of which is placed in the article, is located in the resort village of Beldibi, near Kemer. The village is in a very picturesque place, why it is popular. Beautiful mountains, a fabulous sea and a sunny sky - it's all there in Beldibi.

catamaran resort hotel 5 campers

As a rule, the village is considered as aa single resort zone of Kemer. However, in Beldibi will be more popular with couples and those people who prefer a more relaxing holiday. Young people usually prefer a noisy Kemer with its numerous discos and clubs. In addition, Beldibi is interesting for fans of active tourism and mountaineering, as well as rafting. On the slopes of the Taurus Mountains, you can make an amazing photo session.

The heyday of a small village began not so long ago,in the 1980s, and quite unexpectedly. Local residents involved in the cultivation of citrus and sheep breeding, could not even think that Beldibi in a few years will quickly turn into a sought-after resort. The Germans were the first to see a wonderful place. They built the first hotels here. Now the resort has more than 60 tourist complexes, among which there are institutions of various levels.

The main attraction of the village isstunningly beautiful nature. The village adjoins the Taurus mountains and inviting Mediterranean sea. This unique location makes the climate of the resort special. Beldibi is characterized by a hot summer and a warm but humid winter. The holiday season lasts from May to mid-October.

Coming to Turkey, all tourists rush tosea ​​coast, because it is for the sake of beach holidays that they come here. Local beaches, of course, can not be called ideal, but they compensate for the shortcomings of picturesque views. The coast of Beldibi is characterized by rocky approaches and pebble beaches. In some places there is sand. To prevent injuries due to pebbles, holidaymakers buy special shoes for swimming. The most fashionable hotels pour their own beaches with sand, so, when buying a tour, ask the coast if this is the main question for you.

hotel catamaran resort hotel 5 beldibi reviews

Beldibi is a paradise for those people whoappreciate the natural beauty. Walking along the coast, you can see wild coves of stunning beauty, where rock clumps of rocks border with azure sea waters and white sand. In the village there are not only the beaches of hotels, but also the municipal beach, awarded such a high award as the "Blue Flag".

Local Attractions

Beldibi does not differ much from similarsettlements built on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. On both sides of the main street of the town, named after the famous hero of Ataturk, there are hotels. There is no familiar promenade, which is typical for any resort. Walking around the village, you should definitely admire the local mosque. It was built not so long ago and has no historical value, but it is executed according to all the canons of oriental craftsmanship. There are no special sights in Beldibi. The main values ​​are the sea and mountains. Walking near the village, you can contemplate the stunning scenery of coniferous plantations and gray mountains. Local guides suggest going to the mountain gorge, up the river bed. During the trip you can see many interesting things and enjoy the amazing beauty of nature.

hotel catamaran resort hotel 5 beldibi photo

Near Beldibi in 1959, caves were found inwhich in the most surprising way preserved the drawings of ancient people. Excavations of primeval settlements have now become a real attraction. Not far from them is a beautiful waterfall.

Resting in Beldibi with kids, it's worthvisit the Dino Park. This amazing place was created by the hands of a man. In the park you can see stunning dinosaur models. The unique impressions of visiting this place are guaranteed, as prehistoric animals are made in full growth, besides they not only make loud growls, but also move their paws.

But lovers of antiquity should go toA tour of the ancient ruins of Termessos. Very interesting is the canyon on the river Goynyuk, near which you can admire the unique waterfalls. Local guides also offer a walk through the mountains on ATVs, an amazing adventure will appeal to fans of extreme sports.

The resort area of ​​Kemer-Beldibi is in high demandlovers of diving. There are a lot of interesting places and beautiful bouks, which will be appreciated by divers. Near Kemer you can see a sunken ship, which for many years rests on the seabed. It should be noted that diving in the Mediterranean is gaining popularity. There is much interesting in the local clear waters. It is only a little off the noisy resorts, as soon as you can see the gorgeous bays with their secrets and beauties.

 hotel catamaran resort hotel 5 beldibi

Beldibi removed from Antalya by only thirtykilometers, so there is a great opportunity to travel and see something new. In Antalya, you can make a lot of useful purchases and have fun in the famous clubs all over the coast - "Aura", "Monkey Club", "Olympos". However, in Beldibi itself there is a decent open-air dance floor located on the mountain. The institution offers not only fun under cheerful rhythms, but also see a laser show, and also make beautiful photos against the background of the night coast.

Reviews about hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi)

Continuing the review of the hotel complex,Pay attention to the opinions of tourists who have had time to rest in recent times. It should be noted that the holidaymakers leave incredibly conflicting reviews about the hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi), photo of which give an idea of ​​this holiday destination. Many tourists in general believe that the institution does not meet the five-star status, because it has significant shortcomings. Let's try to figure out what is the reason for such diametrically different opinions.

Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi)is located in a stunningly beautiful place, for which many holidaymakers like. The sea, mountains, sun and rest - this is what the resort village is famous for. The complex is located right on the first coastline, right by the sea. The territory of the institution is quite small, but very beautiful and well-groomed. The gardener daily irrigates plantings and looks after the flowers, so here it is so green and beautiful. But at the same time to walk in Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi), photos will confirm this thesis, there is simply nowhere, since the territory is really quite small.

catamaran resort hotel 5 beldibi photo

The hotel room is the moment thatcauses a lot of complaints from the side of the resort. The apartments are far from new, and therefore need to be updated, as well as replacement of shabby furniture. Although the rooms are not deprived of coziness and charm. Many tourists in the reviews complain about the quality of cleaning or its absence, while others, on the contrary, remain satisfied with it. From which it can be concluded that not all maids take responsibility responsibly to their duties.

Based on reviews about the Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 *(Beldibi), the hotel does not have some standard services, typical for a five-star establishment. For example, the bar in the rooms is replenished only once, only during the check-in. In the future, the maids do not bring drinks. In addition, the bathrooms lack bathrobes, sneakers and detergents. The rest of the rooms are quite cozy, especially pleasing stunning scenery from the windows: the sea coast and magnificent mountains.

Food Reviews

Meals at the Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Kemer,Beldibi, Goynuk) is organized at a decent level. In the main restaurant there is always a good choice of dishes, there is fish and meat. Sometimes during the high season there are queues for eating. The staff of the institution, although it works promptly, however, does not cope with the influx of tourists, which is why queues are observed. According to tourists, food is quite acceptable, so nobody will remain hungry, but there is no question of any delights. Every day the cook cooks the same dishes.

catamaran resort hotel 5 beldibi reviews

In the bars guests are offered good alcoholdomestic production. But the restaurants a la carte, which are referred to in the brochures of tour operators and on sites about the hotel, just do not. Maybe they once were, but currently do not work. Therefore, tourists can only count on the main restaurant in Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Kemer, Beldibi).

Overall impression of the hotel ...

In general, the hotel produces quite a pleasantimpression, despite the pros and cons. The picturesque place and beautiful territory are the main advantages of the establishment. The hotel is located at the very coast, however the pebble beach is far from ideal. Sunset in the sea is covered with sharp pebbles, and further in the water there are also larger stones. However, tourists come out of the situation, buying special shoes. But the sea pleases travelers with warm and clean water. On the coast, for convenience, a pontoon is built on which you can relax and also descend into the water, bypassing the stones.

The hotel has a wonderful and friendly staffand quite good animators. In the evenings, entertaining show programs are organized for guests by activists. During the day, tourists can attend aqua aerobics classes. According to holidaymakers, the range of animation activities could be expanded, since entertainment is not so much.

As for the children's club, he does not havea separate room. Children are entertained on the open air. In addition, the staff of the mini-club speaks only Turkish, which children do not understand. Although, most of the guests of the establishment are representatives of the post-Soviet space. Europeans can not be met here, as evidenced by the reviews of the Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * (Beldibi, Kemer).

According to the guests, the complex is suitable for recreationunpretentious tourists. But if you want to get a real five-star service and the corresponding numbers, you should think about the choice, so that you do not get disappointed during the rest. Beldibi can be a great place to relax if there is a desire to find solitude and find harmony in the bosom of nature. Here, for this, there are all conditions. But for noisy youth it is worth looking for a hotel in Kemer itself.

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  • Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews Hotel Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 (Beldibi, Turkey, Kemer): photo and reviews