Guessing on a guy on paper

guessing on a guy on paper

Many remember the school years with tenderness. The first love, the first kiss - this is the invariable attributes of school life for each of us. Boys pulled girls for pigtails, and the girls came home and were engaged in fortune-telling to those very boys who brought them so much inconvenience with their leprosy. The most popular at that time were divination by the guy's love on paper. We will discuss some of them further.

Fortune-telling with paper and fire

Preparation for this divination is not required. It can be done at home, at friends, and at school - everywhere. To do this you only need a piece of paper, a small plate and matches. If suddenly you did not find the paper, then the newspaper will come down instead. The main thing is to comply with fire safety rules. All the girls sit down in a circle, after which each scraps a newspaper sheet and puts it on a plate. In turn, they set fire to their lumps, waiting for its complete combustion - from this moment begins all the fun. To get the result, you need to consider the shadow of the burned sheet on the wall. For the interpretation, the fantasy of all participants in fortune-telling should work. And believe me - she will be on top.

Who do we like??

Each of us in childhood liked somea boy from his class or parallel, or even from the senior classes - it was not important. We watched him and tried to understand whether we like him. To find out, we also turned to another popular fortune-telling. These fortune-telling fortunes were usually performed in the kitchen. In order to find out the answer, we took a piece of paper, a pan and a colander.

Before starting to divination, it is necessarycut the paper into small rectangles that have a size of 4x7cm. Each girl cuts these leaves herself. Further on each of them the names and names of those guys who liked you are written and all of them are twisted into small tubes. Try to do it so that they do not unwind before it is necessary. After that, in a previously placed on a gas stove pan with boiling water and a topped with a colander roll the twisted tubules of the first of the girls. The one that will open first of all, and will answer the question of who likes you. The next girl does the same. This guessing on a guy on paper, I think everyone will like.

A-la chamomile

This guessing is slightly reminiscent of the traditionalfortune telling on daisy petals. For him, we need two squares of paper of different colors. One color will mean a positive answer, the other a negative one. Next, we take the leaves in hands, guessing whether a certain boy loves us, and throwing them up. Leaves fall unevenly, so let's wait which one will fall first. This will be our answer to the question asked. But such a guessing on a guy on paper should not be taken seriously. Rather, it is perceived as a little entertainment.

Five-pointed star

This is a solitary guessing on a guy on paper, sothe presence of girlfriends is not necessary. Usually done in the deep evening before bedtime. We need a five-pointed star. It can be cut from cardboard or very thick paper. In the center of the star you write the question you are interested in about the guy you like. The star has five angles, so on each of them, so that it was barely visible, we write with the pencil the answers "yes", "no" and "maybe". In this case, one beam must remain empty. At night, this star lies under the pillow on which you sleep, written down text. Four nights in a row you need to tear off one ray from the star. That ray that will remain intact will be your answer to the question. Such a guessing on the guy on paper develops endurance and patience, because to wait so many days and not to look at the remaining answers is very difficult in adolescence.

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