Ermail post service: reviews about the site

Ermail post service: reviews about the site

Surely many Internet users have heard ofthe ability to have a stable and constant income on the Web. Perhaps some of them even tried to find some simple methods of generating income using the minimum amount of knowledge and their computer. If this is so - such people simply had to stumble upon a pattern of earnings, like postal sponsors. We will describe one of them in this article.

How do postmen work?

Let's start with the general principle of the device of all postalservices. Yes, some of them do pay. And they can be considered a good way to earn extra money (for beginners, of course). And the scheme of work of any postal sponsor is this: the user is registered in the database, after which he receives paid emails. For each read, he receives some amount of money (usually a tenth of a cent). Thus, having seen a large number of such letters, you can talk about some minimum acceptable earnings. True, this does not apply to the Ermail service. We are going to give feedback about it in this article for a more complete familiarization with it. - brief description

So, the project is a network of postalservices that work in several countries at once. If you believe the official information, only in the database (user reviews, however, question this information) is about 8 million users. Thus, the site is positioned as the largest portal of mail surveys.

ermail reviews

From most e-mail services (whichreally work not the first year, have a huge number of users and pay people money), this differs primarily in tariffs. So, if a lot of domestic resources of the same direction promise $ 0.001 for a letter, then Ermail (testimonials confirm this) offer completely unrealistic for the market 50 euro cents.

In addition, there is also a special (nothingnot stipulated in fact) bonus of 10 euro, charged at the very beginning of the user's work. Why it is given is understandable and so: a person who starts his "work" online thinks that he was really endowed with a generous sponsor. In fact, as about user reviews claim, the site does not pay anything. And the bonus 10 euros are nothing more than a "hassle" for new users.

User comments on Ermail

If you analyze reviews, all thescheme of this scam. After registration, a person is sent some advertising letters, they throw sponsor links, charging for each of them for a pair of euros. However, the minimum amount for withdrawal here is 100 euros. This threshold is unambiguously too high for the market of postal sponsors. To collect so much the user can not for some months of work (on real почтовиках). The site www.Ermail, the reviews we are analyzing, is a clean water divorce. Such huge rates for each letter read and a large amount of withdrawal is confirmed.

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Simple and effective divorce

The scheme of the site is as follows.The organizers created a grid of portals (in different domain zones), which are allegedly engaged in advertising activities. To users, they show ads for 50 euro cents for one link, and partners are given the opportunity to selectively display their promotional material. It would seem that everything converges.

Next, in order to lure people, (user reviews, again, can confirm this) is holding an action, during which a bonus of 10 euros is given. To a man this serves as a pleasant gift, stimulating him for further work.

Finally, after a few dozen viewedletters, a person can understand that he was thrown. He reviewed the ads, and the promised minimum of 100 euros can not be typed because of the banal lack of promotional materials. The situation with this service is further aggravated by the fact that it's not so easy to find reviews about Ermail. The project, apparently is not so widely known in the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet, because of what it really is to learn that this is "Kidalovo", it is not so simple. Therefore, as a matter of fact, users fall into this trap.

www.Ermail reviews

Really paying sponsors

In order not to waste time in vain, here is our advice:about sites like Ermail, reviews should be sought first. Sometimes it's not easy, but it really helps to save your time and personal data. You will not deny that, in addition to being used as a free employee for viewing mail, the site's organizers most likely collected your contact information in order to sell them to those who do mailing in the future.

And in addition to feedback, look for other selection criteriareal (paying) sponsors. For example, this is the price. Think about yourself: which advertiser is willing to pay more than 50 cents per click? This is an unrealistic cost, even taking into account the fact that the site is European. Believe me, such work is valued low all over the world! One more criterion can serve as ways of withdrawal of funds. They on Ermail, for example, are not specified at all. reviews

Having stumbled upon a fraudulent site, do not be disappointed in earning online. Believe me, it is real. The main thing - to pay attention to the search for a proven resource.

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