Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

Decorative lights in the interior +80 photos

The unusual combination of lighting fixtures in a dwelling makes it possible to emphasize its individual parts favorably, to change the design of the premises in an original way. After all, large and small lamps in the interior can perform not only the lighting function, but also emphasize the style of decoration, furniture and decor. When connecting illuminators to the energy security system, it is possible to increase the protection of housing. Therefore, when choosing suitable illuminators, one should take into account their type, features of use, and installation. The correct combination of different types of lighting and lamps will help to radically change the style of any housing. And it is possible to select models according to the type of the equipped room, the characteristics of its layout, design. Using this data, you can easily select the best lights for an unusual and competent organization of space.

Varieties of lamps by color (quality) of light and type of lamps

According to the warmth of the glow, there are cold, warm lamps and products with a natural glow. Warm and cold provide strong lighting, respectively, have a slightly bluish and yellowish tint. Lamps with a natural glow emit a soft warm light. But it does not allow to create the correct lighting, it is used as an additional one. By types of lamps are divided into the following groups:

Incandescent lamps

Incandescent lamp


Differ cheap, pleasant warm light. They serve little enough, they are not suitable for all illuminators.

Fluorescent Lamp

Have a bright glow, serve for a long time. But are harmful to humans, need specialized disposal.

Halogen lamp


Attract economical, bright glow. Do not tolerate overheating, due to accumulations of dust, fat quickly fail.
LED light

LED lamp

Suitable for installation in any lights, economical use of electricity. Long serve, do not require special conditions of use.

Lamps with colored floor lamps in the interior

Luminaire Functions

The main function of lighting devices is to create the right light. Every corner, work surfaces, recreation areas should be well-lit.But also by combining different types of illuminators, you can visually change the shape of the equipped room. They will expand the area, extend the space horizontally, vertically. Installation of non-standard products will create a special atmosphere. Lighting devices can be used for unusual lighting of individual areas of the room, highlighting furniture, niches, and other non-standard designs. With their help, you can update, make more interesting the usual design. Important is the protective function of the illuminators when they are included in a special "smart" system. It is indispensable for people who often leave for business trips, are not at home.

Interior with lampsBlack ottoman at the window Large window in the interior Mirror over the dresser in the bedroom Round fixtures on the concrete wall Room with white interior


Proper and good lighting of any premises of the home is achieved when choosing bright devices of different types. For example, for rooms in which owners have a rest, correct lighting of places for work, reading, the letter is especially important. After all, with insufficient brightness of the light will have to strain your eyes. In the future, this will lead to vision problems. Convenience, safety of movement in rooms and corridors in the evening, night time also depend on the correctness of the created lighting. Careful selection of illuminators should be carried out for conditionally hazardous areas.For example, for kitchen worktops, stoves, worktops and surfaces in the garage, home workshop, which uses a variety of tools and machines. The presence of high-quality lighting will eliminate injuries during any homework.

Interior lighting with lightsLoft style living room Painting in the interior of the dining room Openwork lamps on the black wall LED Ceiling Bookshelves along the wall

Creating a special atmosphere or relaxation

Unusual illuminators or the combination of several types of products contributes to the creation of different types of lighting. For example, to create a romantic atmosphere or ideal conditions for the evening watching movies fit the installation of lights with adjustable brightness. Dimmed lighting, lights in blue, purple tones will create a special comfort. The fantastic atmosphere for the child will help create the use of many small illuminators, night-projectors. Imitation of the starry sky will help the little dreamer to fall asleep in a great mood. In the halls and other rooms where family often gathers, friends need to provide bright lighting. To do this, a combination of lighting fixtures that are suspended and attached to the walls is suitable. Such lighting will help to create bright and colorful pictures, it is easy to carry out high-quality shooting of cheerful parties.

Recreation area with lampsGlobe in the living room Kitchen combined with dining room Panel in the interior of the living room Lamps and paintings on the walls of the corridor Living room with posters and photos on the walls

Visual change of forms of space

To increase the height of the walls, to make the passage wider with the help of lighting devices is very simple. Visually expand the space will help the location of the set of wall lights. Vertical strips of light on the walls will increase their height. If this light falls at an angle from above, it will help reduce the height and make the room more comfortable. For small aisles, it is recommended to install illuminators around the ceiling perimeter. Contribute to the visual expansion of the passage and installation in the central part of the walls of small lighting fixtures. Using adjustable wall illuminators, it will turn out to completely change the space. When the direction of the flow of light in different angles, you can draw a square room or visually round it.

Visual change of space using lamps

The change of space should not contradict the right light. Therefore, to darken for visual alteration of the room, those angles that are not used in the evening are allowed. It is possible to equip such corners with auxiliary illuminators included separately.

TV on the wall in the living room Wood and brick in the interior The combination of blue and orange walls in the room White sofas and an orange armchair in the living room Lamps on the walls between the windows

Local and decorative lighting

It is easy and simple to change the decoration of the room, the use of decorative lighting will make it unique and stylish. It can be carried out for the following areas:

  • niches, wall structures, shelves;

Great for highlighting the head of the bed, drywall figured designs, arches, doorways. With a close arrangement of the shelves provides a visual increase in their depth.

Backlit niches

  • along the aisles, on the steps;

The illuminators mounted above the baseboards widen the passage and significantly lighten it. Equipping the steps with light bulbs ensures the safety of climbing and descending the stairs, giving it an unusual look during the daytime.

Backlit steps

  • furniture (tables, cabinets, beds).

Bright lights under the bed creates the effect of lightness: soaring above the floor. Mounting the muted backlight in the cabinet body, in the internal equipment allows you to select the product in the overall design, to make its use as convenient as possible.

Bed with light

Housing security

Connecting lighting devices throughout the housing in a single circuit with remote switching allows for good protection. For example, when owners leave, the system will be able to turn lights on and off in different rooms. This will create the impression that the owners are in the apartment. Such precautions provide simple and effective protection.After all, the desire to get into someone else's housing attackers will not arise. Very useful and street, interior lights with motion sensors. However, such lighting fixtures react to animals. It is advisable to install them in housing, where pets are not kept.

Lamps on the house

turn off the lighting system and can be controlled remotely by the application or directly programmed into a specific mode. When choosing it, you need to study all the features of functioning.

Backlit porch Spotlights on garage and columns Home lighting Backlit Mansion Ground lighting at home

Types of fixtures on the method of mounting

A method of fixing the lighting in the room greatly affect the ease of use, maintenance and cleaning. models feature high will not allow to carry out every week cleaning lampshades, dust removal. Access to the wall products is quite simple, so caring for them will be easy. But to fix the product at the same place it is not necessary. There are many models of mobile table and floor type. They just move, help properly illuminate work areas, recreation areas. it is recommended to combine different types of models to create the right light.And for ease of arrangement of the premises should be familiar with products that do not require long-term installation and connection. The study of all types will provide the ease of choosing the most suitable models for the entire housing.

Bedroom with black walls and lamp


Stylish lights of the suspended type can be mounted close to the ceiling or have a long leg, be equipped with volumetric shades. The first type allows you to eliminate the reduction of space in the room, to achieve a concise design. Ideal for mounting in plasterboard structures, stretch canvas. Models with a minimum height of the frame can be equipped with different decor: pendants, curly metal and wooden elements. May include several mini-shades located on the common area. Lighting devices with "legs" are optimal for styling the room. Can be equipped with designer shades, made without shades. The latter attract with their simplicity, ease of care. The most difficult in cleaning are products with numerous crystal, glass pendants and models with curved up shades (they constantly accumulate dust).

Pendant lights in the kitchenWhite chairs at the table Dark walls in the interior Lamps of different shapes are not chains in the dining room Bulbs in a frame above the table Deer over the fireplace


Beautiful lighting devices can not only be suspended, but also embedded. Models of this type are universal, suitable for placement in any part of the room. Products are often used to equip hotels: they occupy a minimum of space and are easy to clean. The point models installed in the bearing and auxiliary plasterboard structures consume little electricity. Can be used to create lighting in the form of patterns, simple geometric shapes. Point models can be swivel and non-swivel. The first allows you to change the angle of the lamp, to direct the light flux. Can be fitted with a matte or transparent protective glass that determines the brightness and softness of the light. Model frames (framing lamps) can be silver, gold, bronze or black and white.

Built-in lights in the living room interiorTV interior in a niche Different flooring in the room Armchair and table by the window LED lights on walls, stairs and ceiling Grand piano in the living room

Wall mounted

Wall-mounted luminaires allow you to quickly and easily arrange any room. Equipped with legs, fasteners, mounting plate. For overhead models we allow wall-to-ceiling installation. Possess various forms: from squares to ovals and circles.Models have a neat body protruding above the surface to which they are attached. Some are equipped with a thin body and a glass canopy, so that the light from them spreads in all directions. They are lightweight, ideal for installation on plasterboard partitions, walls, and other prefabricated structures. Used to equip furniture, stairs. Wall illuminator attracts minimal space restriction.

Wall lights in the dining roomLamps at the head of the bed Kitchen with a parallel layout Gray wall in the white bedroom Mustard sofa in the living room Lamps over the picture


The presence of sufficient free space on the floor of the room allows the installation of floor-type illuminators. They are equipped with long legs, allowing to use the model to illuminate a large radius of the space around. Floor lamps can have round, cylindrical shades. Stylized models with figured (curved to the sides) shades, shades in the form of flowers are very popular. By design features are divided into:

  • open;

With access to the lamp from above, below or from several sides.

Outdoor floor lamp in the living room

  • closed;

With stylized shades that have hidden vents. Seem to be whole. With this design, easy to maintain: dust, dirt inside the ceiling almost do not fall.

Closed floor lamps in the interior

  • combined.

Include several open and closed ceiling lamps.Allow to illuminate large areas. Ideal for halls, spacious hallways, halls.

The lamp at the chair


The use of desktop products allows you to properly illuminate the area of ​​rest and work. Used for installation on coffee tables, writing and computer tables, bedside tables. Provide reading comfort, writing. Indispensable in the arrangement of niches at the head of the bed. Suitable for styling rooms equipped with fireplaces. They can have a standard design (include a small lamp shade) or be equipped with stylized shades in the form of balloons, colors. Attractive combined models with built-in watches, stands for pens, other office. Desktop products with feet in the form of statues are great for highlighting the table or pedestals on which they are installed. Such models are great for emphasizing the refinement of housing design.

Table lamp in the interiorBrown walls in the interior Lamp on the table The picture on the bedside table Chair at the table Bedside table with llama by the bed

Recommendations when choosing lamps

Proper combination of the design of the premises with the selected illuminators is the key to good equipment. Take into account when selecting models worth their colors, the presence of jewelry sizes.Compliance with geometric shapes or objects affects the overall perception of the product in the room. For example, curved figure models emphasize the sophistication and originality of the design. Large ceiling with minimal hue transitions - a guarantee of creating a minimalist style. The use of spots, track models with a "rough" design eliminates the allocation of devices in the loft, chalet rooms. But the use of small illuminators, ribbon lights is recommended only for cutting-edge areas: in the styles of classic, baroque or empire, they can disrupt the harmonious design.

Interior with lamp on the wall

Under the interior of the room

Compliance with the style when choosing lightings is extremely important. Installed models can both complement the overall look of the room, and radically change it. When choosing suitable products, you should follow the following style guidelines:

  • classical;

Such a direction accepts the installation of any types of illuminators with carved and figured elements.

Classic style interior with lamps

  • modern;

The severity of the forms, 1-2 colors for the frame and ceiling, the presence of glossy surfaces - the basic requirements for illuminators in this direction.

Lamps in the living room in modern style

  • modern;

For stylistics, a combination of models with unusual shapes is suitable. For example, it allows the original lighting of door and window openings, the creation of these space "portals".

Modern interior with built-in lights

  • high tech;

Observance of ideal geometry and white, but dimmed instrument light is an excellent option for high-tech direction.

High-tech living room with lamps

  • Scandinavian;

Black, white, gray models in the form of geometric shapes, futuristic design will suit the direction.

Scandinavian style interior with lamps

  • Provence

Graceful chandeliers in white and silver, pastel color with similar wall models - the best solution for the French style.

Provence style living room with lamps

For different types of premises

Selecting illuminators, it is necessary to take into account the place of their installation. The following tooltip will help you easily choose different types of devices:

  • living room;

In the spacious hall it is recommended to combine wall models and hanging products.

Lamps in the living room

  • kitchen;

1-3 can be equipped with suspended models and several sconces. Be sure to set the backlight above the worktop.

Kitchen with lamps

  • bedroom;

Allows a combination of 1 suspended product and several wall models, different types of lighting, furniture, openings.

Lighting in the bedroom

  • bathroom;

It can be equipped with any types of illuminators that have moisture protection.

Bathroom with lamps

  • children’s

Requires the combination of different types of models to create the most correct light. Additional lights should be mounted above the writing, computer table, gaming area.

The lamp in the nursery

  • entrance hall;

The best solution would be to install several wall lights and lights near the mirror, cabinet.

Hall with lamps

  • cabinet

The design of the working room should include wall models, high-quality desktop illuminator.

Luminaires in the office


The choice of original illuminators for housing should be carried out according to the type of premises being built, their area. So, to create the right light of every corner, work areas and recreation areas will be easy. Special attention should be paid to the lamps used. The quality of lighting depends on their brightness. For example, diode lamps are optimal for mounting over writing, computer tables, working kitchen worktops. They will help to correctly highlight the remote corners of large rooms. You can not forget about the style of the models. For different directions fit different in shape, color lighting.Compliance with the basic rules and useful recommendations will help make the equipping of any part of the housing with illuminators as simple as possible. They will help to achieve easy styling of even the smallest rooms, will provide their original look.

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  • Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos

    Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos Decorative lamps in the interior 80 photos