Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography

Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography

Alexander Robak is a popular theater and film actor, film director and producer. Role - a new Russian, a bandit, a policeman, a worker. A loving father and husband, the soul of the company and a true friend.

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Born actor Alexander Robak December 28, 1973year in the Chelyabinsk region in the city of Zlatoust. Father - Rem Aleksandrovich, a metallurgical engineer and a true patriot. Throughout his life he cooked steel at the plant and was a real professional. Rem is an abbreviation: revolution, energy, peace. At that time, such names were highly welcomed. Mother - Raisa Lukinichna, worked as a teacher in the technical school, in which steelmakers were trained, led an object called "Electric drive". The profession of a metallurgist was the most popular in the city. Sister Alexander continued the dynasty of metallurgists and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, but she did not become a metallurgist, she decided to dedicate her life to the family and four children.
Alexander Robak - the actor whose photo you seein the article, gnawed granite science in the physics and mathematics class, but did not pay much attention to the lessons. All his free time spent on the street: in summer on the river, in the winter on a skating rink. Robak constantly looked for himself: he changed many different circles and sports sections, but eventually found himself in the club of the author's song. He learned to play the guitar under the songs of his beloved artist Oleg Mitiaev. Parents never limited their son, but they were very demanding. Mathematics was studied by Sasha at the direction of his parents, but his soul was drawn to humanitarian subjects.

Unexpectedly, the city came actress IrinaUlyanenko, who began teaching in a theater studio at a local theater. It was she who awakened the desire to engage in acting. For the theatrical class, little Sasha flew on his wings. During a short time on stage, actor Alexander Robak decided on the future profession. After graduation he entered the Yaroslavl Theater Institute, which he successfully graduated in 1994. True, he tried to enter both GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater.

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Actor Alexander Robak: personal life

The actor along with his wife Olga brings upthree heroes. The family is full of mutual understanding, harmony and unconditional love. Olga is a health worker by training. A loving, wise, beautiful and all-knowing spouse is the dream of any man. Olga is Roebuck's second wife. Alexander does not like to remember his first wife, Arseny's mother. The press reports that they studied together at the Yaroslavl Theater Institute. To date, she left the acting profession.

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A wonderful family actor Alexander Robak.Wife, children are very fond of him. The eldest son Arseny continued the acting dynasty and entered the GITIS course in 2011 for the Morozov course, studied for two years and left for the YS Pisarev course at the Moscow Art Theater School. At the present time he serves in the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theater. A. S. Pushkin. In his childhood he made his debut in the series of Dmitry Cherkasov "City Spies", in which his father played. In one scene they even collided in the frame. In recent years, playing major roles in films.
The average son of Alexander Platon is fond of accuratescience, loves chess and skiing like a dad. Playing Plato in chess taught my grandmother. Thanks to this, the boy wins in a variety of chess tournaments. He studies well in a Spanish specialized school and is engaged in a theater studio. Was filmed in "Yeralash". At such a young age the boy shows incredible culinary talent - he cooks deliciously. Alexander enjoys the culinary masterpieces of his son, and then begins to work hard to overweight. Plato already participated in the popular program "MasterShef" on STS. The struggle on the project was cruel, and the boy dropped out of the project, but Robak Sr. is insanely proud of his son.
Younger son Stepan is very small. The brothers are friends and protect each other. The difference between sons is exactly ten years. Arseny was born in 1994, Platon in 2004, and Stepa in 2014.
Alexander tries to be a real friend for his sons, so calling him a strict parent is very difficult.

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After the end of the Yaroslavl TheaterInstitute director Andrei Goncharov took Robaka to the troupe of the Moscow Academic Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. Alexander dreamed of serving in the Mayakovka. The desire was fulfilled, in spite of the fact that Goncharov did not take actors from outside. In the theater, Alexander served for seven years, having played many significant roles, such as: Ivan in Ivan Tsarevich, Karabas in The Adventures of Pinocchio, Oliver in Shakespeare's play How You Like It, Vozhak in The Man from La Mancha and others The troupe of the theater was extremely friendly. With many of the actors, Alexander communicates to this day. When Andrey Goncharov died, Robak decided to leave the theater. He just did not want to go to another theater. I was eager to shake myself emotionally after a monstrous loss. Alexander Robak left the theater for cinema.


In the movie began to withdraw from 1998. Debut work in the film "Full Moon Day", directed by Karen Shakhnazarov. Alexander played a lot of episodic roles in the movie and instantly turned into a king of episodes. His textured appearance and brutal timbre from the first second of the appearance on the blue screen were remembered by the viewers. He performed the main roles in the films House on the Lake (directed by Serik Aprymov), Snowman (directed by Konstantin Charmadov) and Winner (directed by Algis Arlauskas).

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In the theater, Alexander Robak (actor), filmography andwhose biography is described in the article, met Maxim Lagashkin. Beginning actors studied at different courses, sat in a dressing room and participated in some performances, spent a long time in company with each other and became so close that they did not break up to this day. Debut in the movies with friends also coincided. They both debuted in the movie "Full Moon Day," which was well appreciated by critics. After successful shootings, both fell in love with the cinema. Alexander is very comfortable in the company of Maxim. They understand each other with half-words and are friends of families. Joint projects also take place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and comfort. Robak is convinced that with friends it is possible to build a joint successful business.

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Film company "Cinemafor"

One day friends thought about their future andrealized that the acting profession is very unpredictable. Much depends on other people, the tastes of the director, the budget of the picture, etc. Therefore, they decided not to wait for mercy from God and at the beginning of the XXI century together with Maxim Lagashkin created a small film company called "Cinemafor". The company's first-born is a four-part film "Breed". Alexander began producing films of his own production, and also took an active part in episodic roles. Seven years after the founding of the film company, Robak decided to act as director of the film "The Room of Lost Toys." The task was not easy, but Alexander Robak managed.

A lot of projects and grandiose ideas requirea huge amount of time, and in the day only 24 hours. But, despite the severe shortage of time, the actor Alexander Robak, whose biography is rich and interesting, struggles to pay attention to the most expensive people and the most successful projects - sons.

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  • Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography Actor Alexander Robak: photo, biography, filmography