14th week of pregnancy

14th week of pregnancy

OnWeek 13pregnancy placenta fully developed and misses all the substances necessary for the development of the child. How will14 week of pregnancywhat changes will occur in the body of a pregnant woman and how the baby will behave, we will tell in our material.



On14 weeks gestationthe uterus in relation to the pubis gradually rises to the navel. The bottom of the uterus is located between the pubic joint and the navel, and its upper edge rises above the pubis by an average of 12 cm. In this position, the uterus can be easily felt to make it possible for the expectant mother to put her hand to her stomach.

Together with the uterus, the future mother’s belly rises higher, it is noticeably rounded and is especially noticeable if the woman has a tight fitting outfit. The baby is actively moving, starting from the walls of the uterus, but the pregnant woman still does not feel these shocks, perceiving them as intestinal motility, the first movements will be noticeable at 18-20 weeks.


Most often in the 14th week of pregnancysymptoms of toxicosis fade away, the future mother feels much more cheerful and active. However, if this statement does not apply to your pregnancy, you are fastened, a couple more weeks and everything will surely return to normal, the time will come when you can enjoy your unique state and not suffer from bouts of nausea and vomiting.

Steadilythe tummy grows and increases, although the factor of its visibility to others is purely individual. If the future mother was slim before the pregnancy, of course, the rounded forms can be seen, if the woman was always large enough, at this time the pregnancy can still be invisible to outsiders, especially if she does not have any problems with toxicosis, appetite and fatigue.

Emotional state is stabilized.pregnant, she is no longer so irritable, whining and emotional. The future mother got used to the fact of her pregnancy and now she is much calmer and more sensible about everything related to her baby, preparing for her new role.

14 week of pregnancy: pregnant women may experience moderate lightvaginal dischargethat is a normal process. If the consistency or color has changed, itching or burning has arisen - this may indicate the appearance of an infection or the development of thrush (candidiasis). Be sure to pay attention to the appearance of bleeding, especially if they are accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. This situation indicates a high probability of premature termination of pregnancy, with the appearance of such symptoms, an urgent need to consult a doctor.


At week 14, the next child is about the size of an average apple: its weight is about 30-35 g, and height is 10-11 cm. And it continues to grow actively. The crumb is already quite similar to the newborn: his face becomes more expressive every day, his ears, cheeks, nose are visible, his eyes move to the nose, but are still covered for centuries, there are cilia and eyebrows, mimicry.

The skin becomes more sensitive, the taste buds of the baby develop, the formation of the bone skeleton from cartilage continues, and the ribs develop slowly. With the help of the diaphragm, the baby trains to make breathing movements.

With the onset of the 14th week of pregnancy, the child has genitals, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to find out the sex of the future baby during this period.

At week 14, the formation of a baby lanugo continues on the skin - a thin gun made of hair, mirror-like the skin pattern. Every little hair lives and functions not for a long time, to replace one that fell out quickly enough, another grows up. Fallen hairs fall into the amniotic fluid. The main function of lanugo is protective, this hair cannon stops the waxy substance, which the child’s body secretes, forming a dense lubricant. Lubrication is necessary for the child to during childbirth as easily as possible to pass through the birth canal.

14 week of pregnancy


At this time, it is not surprising if the expectant mother suddenly has an irresistible desire to start cooking, or to start creating a corner for the baby in the apartment - the nesting instinct wakes up, the body prepares for the role of mother.

If by the 14th week the condition of the woman has improved, it's time to start sports activities for pregnant women: fitness, gymnastics or swimming.Before starting training, it is obligatory to consult a doctor, and also inform the trainer about your “interesting position”. Due to an increase in the amount of hormones during pregnancy, the body begins to produce relaxin, a substance that softens and lengthens the cervix and the junction of the pubic bones. This will help facilitate the process of childbirth, however, and increases the risk of injury during exercise, so be attentive to your condition, do not make sudden movements and do not overstrain.

During training, it is important not to forget to monitor the pulse, it is important that it does not exceed 140 beats per minute. If the limit is exceeded, the baby may not receive enough oxygen. You also need to avoid exercises for which you need to lie on your back - in this position the weight of the uterus puts pressure on the inferior vena cava, which carries blood from the legs to the heart. Due to a decrease in blood flow, the heart can accelerate its work, due to which the expectant mother will have shortness of breath.


14 week of pregnancy: due to the active development of the fetus, as well as, if the expectant mother had previously suffered fromtoxicosisShe may have a shortage of nutrients in the body. For example, if there is not enough vitamin C in the female body, gingival bleeding or reduced immunity may appear. If the future mother and her baby are not enough for serious internal work of vitamin A, the nails can begin to break, the skin peels off, the hair will become dry.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary dailytake vitamins for pregnant womenand also ensure thatthe menu was vitamin, nutritious and varied. Obligatory item for breakfast, lunch and dinner: vegetables and fruits in various forms, fish and lean meat, dairy products, eggs, cereals, pasta durum. It is necessary to limit yourself to fatty, salty, smoked, pickled and sweet, food - now it is an excessive load on the gastrointestinal tract of the future mother, who may suffer from constipation and heartburn.

The main rule of nutrition at this time -moderation, there is no reason to eat for two, as relatives say. Of course, if the body requires food, it is not necessary to endure and starve, but if instead of a piece of cake or a plate of fried potatoes, the future mother will please you, for example, fish with vegetables in a double boiler, polenta with mushrooms or carrot casserole,It will be much more useful for both her and the baby.


14 week of pregnancyBosyak Julia Vasilievna, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist of the human reproduction clinic “Alternativa” tells: “The cartilage that makes up the skeleton of a child is turned into bones. Hands reach a length proportional to the body, but the legs are still lagging. Genitalia can be characterized as male and female, but they are not yet distinguishable by ultrasound. The child can yawn and even suck on a finger, he tumbles, but for now you don’t feel it. The body of the fetus begins to excrete urine into the amniotic fluid. The length of the child is 8.7 cm, like a pear, weight 45 g. "


In the 14th week of pregnancy, in addition to recurring lower abdominal pains in a pregnant woman, due to sprains that hold the growing uterus,back painandheadaches.

There are many reasons for the appearance of unpleasant pain in the back area:

  • during pregnancy, the center of gravity of the body is shifted, which increases the load on the lower back, which bends, and the lumbosacral vertebrae become in an unnatural position, causing pain;
  • in a short time, the weight of the future mother increased, which increased the load on the muscles of the musculoskeletal system, which has not yet managed to adapt;
  • if the future mother has a bad posture, as well as she is forced to spend a large amount of time standing, this can lead to overload of the spine and lumbar spine and cause pain;
  • during pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is secreted, which softens the bones of the pelvis, so that the process of passing the child through the birth canal is more gentle;
  • the use of uncomfortable shoes, especially on heels, causing additional stress on the musculoskeletal system.

For the prevention of back pain is worth doinggymnastics for pregnant women, pay attention to yoga and other relaxing practices, take warm baths with herbs and oils, a sufficient amount of time to rest a day, sleep on a comfortable, better orthopedic mattress and pillow.

On the 14th week of pregnancyheadachemay be like a migraine and appear suddenly. The cause of headaches may be hormonal changes in the future mother's body, increased or decreased pressure, hunger, visual or mental stress, stress or physical fatigue.

So that such attacks would torture the future mother less often, you should fully relax, go to bed early, avoid overwork, watch your diet and follow the drinking regime, do not walk under the blazing sun, and also not attend noisy, crowded events and stuffy institutions. If the headache still could not be avoided,Do not take medications without a doctor's approval., better massage your head, if you can sleep, or at least relax in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

If the headache has become almost constant, the head hurts even in the morning, right after sleep, the pain is localized in a certain area of ​​the head, during the attacks the sight, hearing, speech, motor functions and sensitivity are disturbed - you should immediately consult a doctor.


On the 14th week of pregnancyno special tests requiredHowever, if the expectant mother has any problems with the course of pregnancy, she may be assignedundergo ultrasound, to ensure that the indicators of the development of the future baby meet the standards.

The assessment is based on parameters such as the diameter of the abdomen and chest of the fetus, the length of the thigh, and biparietal size.Biparietalny size–The actual distance between the opposite walls (outer contours) of the parietal bones of the skull. The characteristics of the size of the head of the future baby is important for assessing the possibility of passing through the birth canal. Also, an increase in the size of the skull is a sign of brain development and can indicate by its size whether its development is normal.

Also at the 14th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound can be used to evaluate the development of the bones of the baby: elbows, shoulders, radial bones, fibular and tibial, feet and hands, to assess the functioning of internal organs such as the heart, kidney, stomach, bladder and intestines.

Most often the firstscrinig- examination, with the help of which it is possible to detect in time any pathologies in the development of a child - is carried out on12 weeks gestation. Scrinig includes a biochemical blood test and an ultrasound examination of the collar zone of the future baby. The most indicative period for measuring the size of the collar zone is precisely the period of the 12th week, since this parameter is quite variable and changes depending on the growth and development of the fetus.

If the 14th week the future mom is stilldid not pass the first screening study, it can be done later, since during this period it will not be informative. The second screening is necessary to pass on the 17th or 18th week of pregnancy, for this you will need to donate blood from a vein for three hormones b-hCG, AFP and free estriol, and also to visit the ultrasound room again.


If you have noticed that your usual jeans are already crushing you - it's time to think about a specialmaternity clothesIt will help you to feel comfortable and to feel beautiful in such an important period of your life.

Modern models of clothing take into account the changes that occur with the female body during pregnancy, so you should not worry about the fact that you don’t bring the purchased item for a long time if the belly increases. Most often, the models have elastic inserts that will help the expectant mother feel comfortable, or a special adjustable cut, allowing even the owner of a rather impressive tummy to be beautiful.

Also look at the assortment.cosmetics for pregnant women, it must be natural and high quality. The choice of special creams, balms and gels, which will help maintain the skin in tone and minimize the appearance of stretch marks, is quite wide, but some future mothers prefer plain olive or almond oil.

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  • 14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

    14th week of pregnancy

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